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I agree, Steve, that one should listen to as many brands as possible before making a decision as to which component to buy. Unfortunately, like others that live in a "cow town" there just aren't that many choices. Also, it would be great to find an "audiophile" shop that would allow you to take the component home to try it in your room with the rest of your equipment. I don't have that luxury, either, and maybe Mr. X doesn't, either. I mostly have to sift through the opinions of others and make my decisions through lots of research!

I certainly agree that just because something is costly doesn't mean it is the best choice.

Many people probably consider Rotel "mid-fi" but I haven't yet been disappointed with their components. Perhaps (probably) I am not a sophisticated music lover, but Rotel stuff sound good to MY ears in MY house with My system!

Mr. X - I would be interested in reading about your experience with the Rotel DVD players. Perhaps the CD playback ability will not suffer at all.

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Best Buy and Circuit City have lousy sales help, but if you plan to just listen and make your own decision, they have a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee too.

See ya
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The TV & DVD upgrade will be next year. For now...

I think I'm going to upgrade my interconnects and speaker cable. Currently, I have the lowest end Tributaries cable and interconnects. I'm thinking of upgrading to:

Transparent Wave 100 (speaker cable)
Transparent 200 (interconnects)

Does anyone think this will be a significant upgrade? Right now, I feel that my cable and interconnects are the weakest link in my system...
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Upgrade everything else first. Then upgrade them again.

See ya
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Ugh...Okay, I'm killing this thread NOW.

I started it quite awhile ago. I had just been enlightened after listening to a pair of B&W speakers, and was eager to learn about audiophile-caliber equipment. I used to make the same cracks to people---you know, laughing at the possibility that a $2000 CD player sounds any better than a Sony deck I can buy at a Best Buy. You know what? I was wrong. After listening to offerings from B&W, Rotel, Arcam, VPI.....I discovered what I had been missing.

YES, I'm AWARE, that "expensive" does not equal the best sound. It's all about YOUR OWN ears, and what sounds best to you. To me, I have never heard music sound more "real" than when it's pumped out of a Rotel/B&W system.

The title of this thread is very misleading. I only meant "Becoming An Audiophile" to say that I have discovered higher-end equipment makes a huge difference, and I was eager to learn more and start buying into it...

From now on, any inquiries I have to upgrades will be made in new threads...thanks to all for your responses.
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