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I'm doing the same thing: grills off while listening, grills on when not (for protection).

I will eventually upgrade to Rotel equipment, but that will be awhile. Congratulations on your purchases.

After I add B&W stands, my next upgrade will probably be the nice hybrid player that Yamaha makes, and after that I hope to get a Rotel amp/receiver.

Like you said, there's so much more to learn...

Oh yeah...I went with the oak (?) finish. --I believe that's what they call it.
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Start tweaking your system to maximize the performance. Speaker placement is the most cost effective tweak you can do.
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Originally posted by soundboy
Start tweaking your system to maximize the performance. Speaker placement is the most cost effective tweak you can do.
Absolutely! It took me two days to get them positioned perfectly.

I'm now in heaven! I have depth and an entire wall of sound.
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You have seen this website, right?
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soundboy - thanks for the link to Audio Tweaks - I hadn't been to that site before. Lots of information...

Mr. X - I got the maple finish on my speakers; I'm also getting the maple Sanus audio stand for my components - the system is going to look real purty - and, I hope, sound wonderful. Hope to pick up everything on Saturday (it was supposed to be today, but the $$ I needed won't be available until Saturday. ) Gives me time to read some of the suggestion on the site soundboy linked us to.
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...thanks for the link, soundboy...
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Congrats with your new 602,
My friend was an ex member in this forum and he seem have an experience like you starting with Home Theater setup and upgrading to Hi-Fi setup:
B&W 601S2 with bi-wire cables.
Arcam CD72
NAD C370
QED Qunex2 Interconnect
This system only stands for 6 month he feels the sound was not good enough and then he replace all the hi-fi to Head - Fi (headphone system).
After that he never complaining anymore about his system because he already found the synergy of all his equipment, and he found this combination after 3 years.

Happy hunting,

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Buying audiophile stuff is fun, but the main part of BEING an audiophile is learning how to hear the differences. A lot of this needs to be learned--same as winetasting, for example.
So one can get a good start on being an audiophile without spending a lot of dough!
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I should have found this thread earlier, it's been quite good...

Congrats on the purchase of the 602 S3's Mr. X. I've had 602 S3's for about 6 months now, and they're great. Register your speakers on B&W's website to get the free demo CD from B&W with some nice test tracks on it, and it's also interactive, with system setup help and so on... As for great sound out of the box, the 602s sure provide it, but they'll get even better after about a month of decent use, because that's how long B&W claim it takes for the kevlar driver to reach it's potential. I currently use mine for music only, as i have a infinity sub/sat 5.1 system for movies, all running from Marantz hardware. But having 8 boxes plonked around my room is starting to get to me (and people are starting to worry about my mental health.. ) so i think i'll be getting rid of the infinity's and either
a)sending my 602's to the rear, getting 603's for the front LCR600 for the centre and ASW 600, and replacing my Marantz receiver with a Denon AVR-3803 or Rotel RSX-1065
or b) selling the 602's and buying 705's for front and surrounds, HTM7 centre and ASW700 along with one of the previously mentioned RXR's..... that'd be sweet.....

Also, as good as the CDM stand looks, it's not spectacular at improving the sound of the 600 series, and is very overpriced. have a look at some other stands from Atacama or Partington, they suit the 602 very well aparently. I have some small MDF stands, spiked and sand filled, that have a 5 degree tilt, so they angle the speaker to you... they sound sensational, especially when sand filled, and were 60% cheaper than the B&W stand and sound just as good.

If you're looking at a universal disc player, Denon have a new one out, the DV-1400. have a look at it here
It'll play almost any 12cm disc you care to throw at it, from SACD, DVD-A/V, VCD, CD, kodak picture cd, MP3 and even WMA!!! i had a listen to DSOTM SACD on it at my local store thru some Sonus Faber's and Rotel pre/power combo, and it sounded sensational, a very competent player, that's excellently priced.

ohh, and welcome to Team B&W... You'll never look at another woman, i mean, another speaker company ever again...
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Thanks, Kirium!

I'm surprised that you're already looking to move 602's. I plan on making them my front speakers for a long time. Why not save some cash and go for a pair of 600's for your rears? That's what I plan on doing.

I know I could buy inexpensive stands that work just as well, but I really want the B&W stands! However, I will remain open minded when I'm ready to purchase.

One thing I'm noticing is that, a lot of times, the drums seem a tad too distant. I need to figure out how to bring the sound of the drums up front more, and I'm guessing that lies in the amp? Maybe the smartest thing to do would be to upgrade my amp first. Perhaps a Rotel 2-channel stereo receiver? Or maybe a Rotel CD player would add volume to the drums? Where do I turn? I don't want the next upgrade to go too far over $500. (I know I can get the Rotel receiver for $800. ...hmmm....stands?.....cable?'s the next step...?)

edit-->after listening more, I've discovered that the main problem is the snare's a little too weak....I mean, it sounds good, and all, but I want it to be a little louder...
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I love the 602's, don't get me wrong, but i've had tastes of further up the B&W range, and it only gets better.... that's why i'm considering the 700 series... It's a more accurate, refined and.... for want of a better word, true speaker. but it doesn't seem to rock as hard when i'm listening to house, dance, rock ect like the 600 series, which is why i'm thinking about the 603's up front, which have sensational bass thanks to the aluminium bass driver. especially at lower volumes, the 603 can provide a touch more bass... this is from a stereo point of view, but from a 5.1 or 7.1 POV, i'd rather have identical 705s all round. I'm still not sure...

WRT the slight lack of snare drum "upfrontness" have you tried bi-wiring them yet? I think that may help you, and a silver cable like QED silver anniversary biwire or profile 12 biwire (both award winning cables, at affordable prices) may also help to bring that snare more to the front of the soundstage...
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Thread Starter maybe bi-wiring, then....I think I'll start doing some price checks...I wonder if my Onkyo can handle bi-wires...

I'm really torn as to what component I should upgrade first. I'll stick w/ the Technics turntable for it will end up being between my Onkyo digital receiver (93w/ch while in 2-channel), or my Yamaha CDX--396 CD deck. What will provide the best change in sound? Swapping the Onkyo for the 2-channel Rotel receiver (RX1050---100w/ch), or swapping the Yamaha for a Rotel RCD02.....?
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I'd look at changing the Yamaha disc spinner for the Rotel. That'll be a far bigger quality jump and a positive and quantifiable change in sound quality, more so than changing out the onkyo amp.

and any amp can take proper biwire cable. The QED silver ann biwire i'll be getting has 2 plugs on the amp end and 4 on the speaker end. that is properly terminated. not sure how it may be if you're just going for bare wire..
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...I see....

I was really surprised to hear that the Onkyo's DAC is better than my Yamaha deck....using Toslink to connect the deck to the receiver sounds the best (by far)...

I assume the Rotel player would have a better DAC than the Onkyo, so I would need to use analog interconnects...?
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Have you tried connecting your Yamaha CD player to your Onkyo receiver with a digital coaxial cable? I have heard digital coax is generally better than Toslink. You may want to give it a shot.

If you were to use the Rotel's internal DAC, yes, then you will have to connect it to the Onkyo with analog interconnects.
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