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Really? I thought, even for 2 ch, that SACD's don't work right unless you have the right type of amp/receiver.

The Onkyo should be good for now, but I think I'll want more power soon (at least 100 X 5)

I would think the 600 series should last within 1 1/2 years---which is how long it will probably take for me to have all 5 speakers, SACD, DVD-A, and a more powerful receiver.....
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For now, generally, SACD/DVD-A only output in analog. There are some expensive receivers out there from Pioneer, Sony, Denon, and I believe a couple of integrated amps from Sharp, that would accept a digital output, usually via firewire, from a compatible SACD/DVD-A player.

So any amp/receiver will work with SACD/DVD-A.
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Originally posted by soundboy
For now, generally, SACD/DVD-A only output in analog. There are some expensive receivers out there from Pioneer, Sony, Denon, and I believe a couple of integrated amps from Sharp, that would accept a digital output, usually via firewire, from a compatible SACD/DVD-A player.

So any amp/receiver will work with SACD/DVD-A.
Oh, I see, so it doesn't make a difference when it comes to 2-channel SACD...

So, now it's a matter of what comes next: receiver w/ more power, or an SACD deck.....since I'm enjoying my Yamaha CD-deck, I'll probably go w/ power next, and hold of on SACD/DVD-A (it's slow to grow, anyway)

In order to save money for now, I think I'll just use my Advents as stands for the 601's, and just use copper speaker wire to connect to the Onkyo.....then I can make cables & a new amp the next upgrade, followed by stands and SACD, followed by more speakers, etc.

Sound good?
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Have you considered DIY??

If you could consider DIY then You could check out the TNT audio website and check out their TNT Stubby Stands. Done properly, they look great and you can modify them to your needs. They are solid, sturdy and most importantly, they are cheap.

Here is a link: TNT Stubby Speaker Stands

As you can see it says $40 or less and I can vouch for that. It probably cost me $10 because I used recycled parts so to say( I work with a construction company that have extra pieces of wood and PVC lying around). You should use 4" PVC instead of the 3" though.

As for speaker cables, you can check out and check out their Ixos cables. The 6003 would cost you $1.50 per foot. hence 12 feet is about $20. Check the same site for connectors or use it as bare wire.

Total cost is about $70 for decent cable and stands, and it might be even less if you get creative($40 + $20 (+shipping for the wire)).

So there you go. Stands and wire for cheap!!

Think about it. I can vouch for the stands, and the quality of Ixos speaker wires. I have built the stands and I own Ixos speaker wire.

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not interested in DIY, but I would be interested in good-sounding inexpensive wire

unfortunately, your link didn't work
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Originally posted by NetRunner

(PS actually this receiver dishes out 93 W to 8ohm continuous in 2ch.. And this is a third party measurement. It gives 70 when driving all 5ch continuously. Newer Onkyo models supposedly skimped little on the power supply and can't drive continuous loads for as long.)
Wow. I did not know that. Since I will only be using 2 Ch. for awhile, there's no reason to upgrade to a new receiver until I'm ready for 5.1. An SACD/DVD-A player will be the next logical step....but it sounds like my Yamaha CD deck & current receiver should be good for now---probably be best to wait on the new formats, anyway.

Rather than worry about the next receiver or CD player update, I'll spend the next upgrades on the speakers (stands, cable, etc.)

Plus, the hybrid Yamaha player I want will eventually come down in price....
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Sometimes it's hard to resist "upgrading". There is and will be always something out there that's better and new. Make a long-term plan for your system and don't give in to impulse purchases.

The last 2 days have been tough for me as I wanted to upgrade to "better" speakers. In the end, I am keeping my current speakers since the difference I hear, if any, doesn't warrant such a purchase.
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How much should room size factor in to speaker purchase?

My current room is SMALL...we're talking appx. 15' X 10'......I am now leaning towards the 602's. However, I'm wondering if it might be better to wait until I move into a bigger place in a year; maybe I should start with the 601's.

From what I've read and heard, it sounds like 602's for the fronts & 600's for the rears would suit my listening preferences once I've grown to 5.1, so, obviously, I want to start with 602's for my 2 channel hi-fi....but....if they will sound like garbage in my small room, I'll start with 601's, and then upgrade to 602's (although I hope I don't have to do that)...

Any suggestions?
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You should listen to the speakers at your home. Optimally you'd ask both for a home demo. Only way to know for sure. I think generally small speakers and possibly a subwoofer are better for a small room. With a sub you would have more tweaking possibilities to the sound. (If the fronts have too much base, and especially if you can't position them far enough from a wall, the mids might suffer.)
But others might know better. Ask a dealer *good one.. eh.*..
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Room size determines a lot of things. The most important thing about speakers is placement. I don't care if you have mega $$$ speakers, if the placement isn't good, the speakers won't sound either. Of course, life is full of compromises. That's why you should listen to NetRunner and ask for home auditions for the speakers you like. Placement affects more to the sound than cables, stands, electronics, or even amps.

I somehow have a feeling the 602 will be too much for your room, even if it's front-ported. But I have no idea since every room is different.
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The Athena Audition series includes two good bookshelf speakers, the B1 and the B2.

I own the B1 and am very happy with them.
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The contest is over. I finally walked away w/ the DM602 S3's...

Right out of the box, they are the BEST speakers I've ever purchased...and they're not even broken in yet! I am absolutely blown away by the sound. The dealer hooked me up with decent speaker cable, and I'm using cinder blocks as stands (sounds great). I plan on buying the B&W stands once I move into a bigger place. Perfect bass, mid & high in the small room---they're absolutely tailored to my taste!

What a bunch of crap the dealer was giving me about amps... The Onkyo TX-DS575X is driving them just fine...they really WERE trying to sell me a new amp!

The 602's look so cool without the grills, but I'm worried that dust could get into the tweeter if I leave them off. it best to always leave the grills on?

Now that I've joined Team B&W, I don't see myself ever buying a different brand again....just constant B&W upgrades for life....
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I guess I'll answer my own question:

They sound best with the grills off. The mids & highs really come to life!

My next upgrade will definitely be the matching B&W stands (filled).

I am sooooo glad I went with 602's over 601's.... I LOVE the lower end of these amazing speakers....
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They probably look better woth the grills off.

So, which color did you go with? Black? Beech? Or was that Maple??
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Glad you're happy with your B & W speakers. I just bought some B & W CM4 speakers - don't have them home yet, should be delivered later this week - and they're definitely the best speakers I've every owned, too. Down the road (as in, when I have the $$$) I hope to expand my system to 2 rear speakers and a center - they'll be B & Ws, too. I'm hooked! Good luck with your system build; I'm not an audiophile, either, still have lots and lots to learn. I've read this thread with interest.

I plan to use the speakers with the grills off when I'm listening to them, but with grills on when I'm not - my house is too dusty, not to mention full of dog & cat hair, to leave them unprotected all of the time!

I also purchased the Rotel single CD player that you were thinking about getting (but didn't,) along with the Rotel 1055 receiver. I'm hoping for great things with my new set up - my first stereo system since 1980!
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