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Good job! Thanks!
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Hey, I'm looking to buy a pair of on-ear or over-the-ear headphones that have great sound for under $100 that I would be replacing the ear pads on.  I was thinking about the Sony MDR-XB600's or the Kensington K33084's since they're pretty cheap.  What do you guys think?

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@OSU - I don't recommend the sony MDR - XB600s because it looks like the cups are all weird, and don't look to fun to play with. The kensingtons...look like crap lol xD.
Personally I would shoot for the pretty popular (and highly loved) Sony MDR - V6. I was actually looking into buying these myself, as there roughly 50$ on sale right now. :)
hope this thread doesn't die.. pretty awesome.

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So glad I found this thread!


I need to tell the wife not to throw away her used leather boots...

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The people in the orthodynamic thread make amazing leather earpads... and the cutest duck shaped foam pads for their kids. Wish I had immediate links for those.


I made a few also... mostly failure :S

(the ones on the left side of the picture)


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