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Custom Ear Pads (Pics)

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Why are there so few custom ear pads? Well tonight I made these

*yes, the left ear is bigger, just testing to get a good fit still

They work great for my big elf ears and keep down the squeak from my glasses (a big problem i had with the hd201s).

Using some material I had laying around. I'm going to have to keep working on the design in the coming weeks. Any one else have any custom pads? Let's see em
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Those are absolutely fantastic. I feel the urge to learn to sew now.
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Had a little fun with my V700's tonight

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Well I haven't seen that before. Haha. great job!
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Jealous of skullcandy?
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Originally Posted by racer_x124 View Post
Had a little fun with my V700's tonight

I love the combination of the green fluffiness and the hat! But minus points for using a Z700

I've been meaning to make leather pads for my Beyer and K271 the past two years, but I've been too busy and the earliest I could get to it would be in summer when it'd be too hot for leather. But I probably will anyways.
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Thanks all. Hopefully the next set I make I can do a small tutorial on.
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you know, you should really make a tutorial if any possible

many ppl make genuine leather ear pads for the cd3k, I would die to make them myself:

I've got some beat up pads I could use to cannibalize the foam donuts, and I've got some uber soft thin black lambskin...what's missing is the skills, duh!
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Those are incredible! Well done.

Since I use mainly circumaural headphones like beyerdynamics, I am very interested in a tutorial. Maybe next time you can take a few pics of the basic steps needed. Also, I'd need to find some material that's suitable.
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Can you make matching slippers?
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Start by seem ripping the old pads into separate pieces



Take the outside circumference and subtract 2". So here we have ~12"-2" gives us 10" which is our total length.



Cut the rectangles. I have big ears so i make mine 3.25" wide by 11" (from the step above)


Pieces cut


And pinned in a loop (good side to good side)


Overcast stitching


Left) Inside out. Right) Outside out


Pin in place to make a hoop


Close up


Finished hoops


Close up stitching (doesn't really matter if it's sloppy, it will be hidden)


Stuffing. I used cotton fill, but I think Poly-fil would work better (check local hobby story)


Cram it in there


Pin in place


Whip stitch to hold together (just like making a pillow in middle school)


Mock up the mount


Again, just pinning to make work easier


Oh, looks good from the front side (that's what she said) ROFL WAFFLE


I forgot to take a picture but I used a needle curved into a 'U' shape (with a pliers). They have a name, but I don't know what it is, sorry


Just have to mount this last ring



Now it's just getting this last 'ring' on. I used the same 'U' needle to do this. As you can see in the first few photos there were holes from the last stitching and I tried to use the same holes to connect it to the 'doughnut'.



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I love them pics! I tried modding some Beyerdynamic pads that I had lying around but failed miserably. I am not too good with cloth and such. :beerchug:

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Has Fox contacted you with a show offer yet?

"Pimp My Pads"


Those are cool, nice job!

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It's so fluffy!

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