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Originally Posted by hertzamplifier View Post
Yeah,it is in subang jaya,selangor and fortunately I live in selangor at this time.I will find the place later.Thanks for the information.

BTW,where do you live?
im living in canada now.
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Amazon turbines only $106 + $ 5 for shipping not bad.
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Originally Posted by hertzamplifier View Post
You guys who live in western are lucky to have this stuff not as expensive as here.
Yes, but in Metropolitan areas in the West, starter houses that are called "Handyman Specials" because you have to fix them up, start at around $300,000 USD and taxes are between $3000 and $12,000 per year.
I live near NYC, own a 2 bedroom co-op Garden apartment, and it costs $280,000 USD and $850 USD per month towards maintenance fees.
It takes 2 decent salaries just to scrape by. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

Originally Posted by hertzamplifier View Post
I wish I can buy things through amazon but I didn't have credit card nor paypal since I'm just a student@19 years old.
You can get Paypal, if you have a checking account. If you don't, just start one with $100, and then when you sign up, Paypal will verify you by depositing 3 small amounts of pocket change into your account, and then once you verify those 3 amounts, then you have a Paypal account.
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^well either way amazon doesn't ship overseas for electronic products
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amazon uk only ships electronic within most european countries, from what i can see. Not sure about germany, can't read german :X
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So what, I live in Canada (to you Americans: it's up there), my city has three Future Stops, the two nearest ones are all out of stock (still is), so I took a three-hour bus ride, with no proper clothing, in 50F temperatures and 20MPH winds, got there, bought them and went home.
Bus tickets: $9. Pros: $250 (supposed to be $330, they got it wrong). Extras: A free cold.
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I notice my post was edited by someone a bit.The word WT* was deleted...
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I don't think Jaben will be selling Monster Turbine, well, at least not in Singapore. I talked to them once and they said it is cheaper to get online than to buy from them.
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