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FS: Adcom GDA-700 w/PMD-100 and balanced output

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This is a well-regarded DAC featuring dual Burr Brown PCM-1702P, the highly sought after PMD-100 HDCD and balanced outputs. I have the original box, manual, warranty papers - even all the advertisements and brochures that originally came with it - it's almost like a time capsule!

I'm looking for $240 plus shipping. This price is firm. I will not respond to low ball offers. I'm interested in trades including interesting stats and hard to find orthos. I will chip in cash for items that are of greater value than my DAC. Another possibility is a Leben 300 with cash from me. No other trades will be accepted.

Input types include RCA Coax (x2), Toslink (x1) and XLR (x1). Output is balanced XLR (x2) and unbalanced RCA (x2).

This thing is built like at tank, weighing in at 10 pounds. The condition is excellent; I rate it 8/10 on the audiogon scale due to age and a minor blemish on the face plate.

In my opinion this DAC pairs very, very well with HD600, HD650 and D2000/5000/7000 phones.

My reason for selling is that I recently acquired a Parasound 2000. Otherwise I'd probably keep this unit as DACs with the PMD-100 filter are getting harder to come by these days.


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Pork chop.

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Cherry Bomb,


I've got $240+ shipping burning a hole in my pocket for an Adcom GDA-700.


Reply here or at




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Still available.


More coming soon.  Did some one say Parasound?  Stax Omega?

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I am interested in the GDA-700. I sent you a pm.

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I received the DAC and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot for an easy transaction. Not sure how to leave feedback, but it was a pleasure doing business with you.

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