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Brown Dog Protoblock Amplifiers?

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While being impatient for my Insight order of 50 OPA2134 dips to come in August, I decided to look closely at the SOIC world. (pun intended) I see on the Brown Dog website, http://www.brndog.com/priclist.html , that they have an SMT op amp circuit board. Has anyone used the board or heard anything about it? Looks like you could cram a lot of stuff in a very small space.

How about SMT construction in general? Anyone ever ventured there? Special tools, new eyes?? anything else?

Just wondering
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just wondering, why order 50 opamps from insight? why not use somthing like digikey that usually keeps larger quantities of those parts in stock, and restock their supplies much faster?

Those adapters look pretty nice and are reasonably cheap. They would be great for using parts only available in soic.

Looks like you could cram a lot of stuff in a very small space
If you want to save save space, these adaptors wont help. they still take up as much space as a dip. to save space, you'd need to etch your own boards. I don't think you really need to many special tools, just a fine chisiled tip for your soldering iron
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re: dog's board, it's not that universal. you'll be hackin parts in places to make cmoys, that's for sure.

soic isn't so bad, but the smaller ones are killers on both hands and eyes. Avoid caffeine.

You need tiny solder; even .040 will "glob" quickly... you need a tiny iron tip, steady hands, bright light and probably a magnifier... I got one of those head-mounted things like a jeweler would wear (for like $20 on sale @ Newark)

You can proto with it just like dip, point to point wire and all. just tape it when testing, a drop of glue is your "socket" when you're done.
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I use DIy socket Adaptors like the person in the Cool c moy thred.
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I just learnt how to solder surface mount parts. All I need is nice fine tweesers.

1. While holding the parts with tweesers, you put some solder on the parts.

2. Place it on the board and solder one side while holding with tweesers.

3. Once that is done solder the another. at this point, you should be able to solder without tweesers.

Another way is to tape the parts on the board with special adhesives ... but I don't have any adhesive of that kind.


P.S. I hope many parts I want to use are available in SMT form. ....
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