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Sennheiser HD 228 vs HD 238

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I am completly stuck over which one of the two to buy.

I am in grade 11 and will use these every single day from home to school as well as in classes and lunch.

As for my preferences, I'm not a huge audiophile and I'm not a major bass fanatic like a lot of people. However, I do want headphones that are durable and comfortable.

I know that the 228 are closed and the 238 are open and that that's a big part of the decision, but that all depends on how the volume is done. I want it so that I can listen to it loud enough that it's good but also I want it so that I can listen to music while I am talking to my friends.

Which ones should I get??? and how do they compare with the 100's
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I had PX100's before and they were perfect in terms of sound leakage, if the 238's are the same (or near) as them, then I will buy them.

If any one else has any experience with them than that would be great
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I had the hd 238.It tend to distort if played very loud.
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Thanks for the reply,

Other than that are they good phones (there's not many reviews of them) ?

My previous headphones were the px100's and I thought those were great.

What do you think?
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The noise isolation also not so good if you listening in lousy places.
Other than that they produce clear and great sound if they dont distort.

Im no audiophile so I can't give in deep review of them.
But I think this link might help you make your decision.
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