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FS: Grado SR-225i

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Selling: SR-225is that I bought off svfoo123 last year.

Just got a speeding ticket. =[

svfoo123 had 400 hours on them, and an additional 200 with me. They were extremely well kept, and has one visible scratch on the left cup. These bad boys don't come with original box, but I will include the Grado 1/4 -> 1/8 adapter.

Asking for $140 shipped in the CONUS only please. I accept PayPal, and will be shipping them in a box packed with peanuts.


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I might be interested but live in Denmark. Do you ship outside the states?
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Sorry =/ CONUS only. And price drop.
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Let me know if you decide to ship to Canada, and pics please.
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Interest maybe , depends on pics since theres a good amount of hours on them do you mind posting a few , or if you prefer to PM me thats fine too
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I might be interested but It would be great if you could add the pics
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Sale pending!
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Unsold. Still up for sale! And pics.
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Sent you PM.
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These still up?

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Would like to know if these are still up as well. PM me if you are still looking to sell them

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