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But still no word on its release (the NEW Eterna i mean)?
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Originally Posted by aconteceu View Post

In my opinion, Eterna has more of a Sennheiser type of the sound, and Silver Bullet is a bit more like Grado, though not exactly. Just closer to that type of signature. Eterna was almost too bassy for me, though it was not boomy. However, the mids are better in Silver Bullet for me (fuller, a bit more forward) and SB still has plenty of bass too. Overall, it seems like SB has flatter response across all the ranges.
Eterna was the best for things like psytrance or Pink Floyd. Eterna really immersed you and the imaging was amazing.
I listen to a lot of acoustic music, where the vocals and midrange are more important, while the soundstage and imaging less so. I kept SB and sold Eterna.
Another thing with Eterna, I just could not keep the cable in place around my ears. Eterna's cable is thick and not particularly flexible. The cable guides did not help me either. I would have kept Eterna if not the the fit. I can't walk around holding the cable in place. Silver Bullet fits great, stays put, isolates really well and is very comfortable.
Generally speaking Eterna is a bit more than SB to me - more alive.

what the? i thought the soundstage was supposed to be better in SB. and you seemed to be leaning towards SB but then u say eterna is better "more alive". confusing.



anyway any updates on these? I read the silver bullet needs an amp but its only 18 impedance. is this true?

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It doesn't need one but it does improve with one.

The soundstage is larger with the Silver Bullet, but the Eterna is more immersive. The soundstage on it is not as large as the Silver Bullet.

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Well the Silver Bullet does not NEED an amp, although like just about everything else, it IMPROVES with amp.

That said, it requires a significant amount of juice from your player so an AMP is, while not REQUIRED, will be RECOMMENDED.


And, to me at least, the SB sounds very Sennheiser-ish, in fact it reminds me ALOT of my IE8, albeit doing everything just a little less well, but for the price, I'd probably not have picked up my IE8 if I had the SB first.


Eternas......ah.......they're difficult-to-describe creatures, aren't they?

Satisfying, powerful bass, does everything in it's own way, but pleasingly so.

Haha that's not saying very much but I have not the way with words as do the more senior members of this forum.

Still, i love them both.

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So, if i were to want a colored fun experience with immersion, id want the Eterna v1 right?


Im told the SB is more airy sounding with a focus more on the mids.  The majority of what I listen to is instrumental rock guitar.  Immersion, bass kick, and overall forwardness is vital.  Would the eterna be the wiser option?

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Hello, my first post here. After doing a lot of research I ended up choosing between the Fischer Audio Silver Bullet, Fischer Audio Eterna or Visang R03 (Brainwavz M2). I want my IEM's to have a "warm" and "full" sound, I love bass but I hate it when it's "muddy". The music I listen is Black/Death/Thrash Metal, Post-Rock (Instrumental-rock), Jazz,  Psy/Goatrance, Techno and some more. I don't really care about vocals, of course I want them to sound good, but for me the instruments are more important because most of the music I listen is instrumental. So good detail in the instruments is of importance to me.


Which of the three IEM's would you recommend me?

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Silver Bullets, haven't tried the Eternas, but the Silver Bullets have a nice deep bass that isn't muddy at all (have heard otherwise for the eterna's bass). The SBs also have a warm and very full sound that is up to par with my Monster MDs and you'll actually find the vocals to be just about right because they' aren't put too forward in the sound sig. Overall very rich sounding and fairly balanced iem, highly unappreciated here imo.

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I own Silver Bullet and I just sold my M2s, M2 are warmer, bass and mids are forward and I feel sound is less detailed than with SB.

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Glad you liked your SB like I do mine, but now i'm silly-pleased with the dba02s =)

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I'd like to go for DBA02, but I'm not sure about my taste, I only used Kanen MD52, SoundMagic PL30, ECCI PR200, Brainwavz M2 and Siver Bullet.

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been tryin to trade my eterna rev2 for the silver bullet for a few days now, they are really hard to come by.


got to listening to the SB and preferred its wider staging to the incredible immersion of the eterna.  But, thats just me, in terms of quality both are equals

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Like zest, SB are much better overall than M2 for me. FA SB > Meelec M6 > Brainwavz M2 > Meelec M9 if I have to rank my phones from the top.

As much as I love bass, SB (with Sony hybrids, stock tips are weak) were ones with better bass quality. A pair of decored olives make them even better. Could never get good isolation with silicons.


I've been looking hard at the Eterna even before deciding on SB. FA Marcus are out and they could force me to pass on Eterna if words about them being a bass monster are true.

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They are not MONSTERS but they are certainly bass thick.  Ive enjoyed my eternas since they came out but have been wanting the SBs, as I think i prefer the wider sound of the SB over the immersion of the eterna.  I was hoping for a slightly less bassy experience in the Silver Bullets >.>




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What I also like with SB is the separation between instruments, I'm sure now that M2 were not for me, they're fun, but during a short time, in the end I felt like I was in some cotton wool (I know, the image seems to be weird ).

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