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I don't really need anymore help with organizing, thanks though! The location's taken care of and I think I can handle the sign-ups. A sponsor would be nice to cover the catering, but that's it.

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some advice on finding a Sponsor to cover catering..


i always thought of food as a "lunch break snack" at a headphone meet instead of a twenty course dinner, there is to much to do at a meet and the more food and bigger helpings take up alot of that time. i read somewhere in Germany Lunch is the big meal and Dinner is the smaller of the three, so not sure if aiming lite will help you..point is dont over think the food cause the meet is about the headphones and audio gear.


First off locally around me i was able to find a small Pizza place that was willing to give a few free Pizzas to the meet in return for some Advertising in the meet and its guests (like paper signs and menu's were right next to the pizzas and i of course thanked the Pizza place online here in the meet impressions thread). Of course i understand the food may be a bit different in Germany but maybe you can find a local Deli or restaurant willing to give some bread, cheese, and sausage or whatever you peeps eat over there.


second if that don't work and you really want help with the cost of food then maybe a local audio company or vendor. someone who makes money off products that are used in this hobby, someone who is a member of the trade in headfi terms. ask them politely what they think about chipping in to help out and remember to thank the shit out of them afterwards.  personally whenever a meet locally happens we have the nicest MOT''s one could ask for so maybe that might help you if you can find them..again not sure who's in Berlin.


third choice is just asking the guests to chip in a few bucks, though i never liked doing this personally but usually headfi members are more then willing to pay there part for food.


just some advice for your first meet! good luck and remember you're there to have fun so relax and enjoy the hosting part..its really a great feeling after all is said and done!  

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Attendee's will offer to bring things in my experience. I have organized a few meets. Also consider an after meet gathering at a good restaurant. A few snacks then the after meet. it wouldn't cost that much to the organizer. After meets are great to get all the answers you were looking for during the meet but didn't.

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Thanks everybody for the helpful advice. I'm currently in talks with a potential sponsor for our catering. I thought a brunch buffet would be a nice and convenient solution, since we'll start early. That way, people coming from out of town can skip breakfast at their hotel and head straight to the meet (/meat). If that doesn't work out, we'll make it a bring-your-own-breakfast type of deal.


We still have a couple of months to decide about after-meet activities. rasmushorn had suggested going to a techo party that night. My original idea had been to tour a local manufacturer (Teufel or Raumfeld come to mind). And I'm fairly certain we'll have dinner together after the meet. It'll end around 3 p.m., which leaves plenty of time for people to bring their gear back to their hotels before that.


Any of you Americans planning to come to Europe by any chance? :)

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I think we still need to bring mor eattention to this meet. Maybe contacting Moderators for this?

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I've PM'd both Jude and DanG, but I guess they've been busy. m00k00h is promoting it on German hifi-forum.de, we might even start some offline activities. But we still have plenty of time too..

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I will write about it on the Danish Head-fi community and I will link to this thread in my Signature from now on. 

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Sorry  - not linking to this thread - but to the sign on thread.

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Awesome, great idea!


I've just re-read my last comments and realized that they came out really arrogant. Sorry about that! Of course I appreciate any ideas for and support with this endeavor!

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a techno party after a meet? WTF...thats awesome!

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I can donate a new Scissor Sisters CD. Just pm where to send it.

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