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Amon Düül's "Disaster" from 1972, or are you referring to "Wolf City"? Either way time to dig...

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You have to put a 11  after the name.  There is an Amon Duul and an Amon Duul ll The both existed at the same time. The best book on this subject is Julian Cope book called http://www.amazon.com/Krautrock-Sampler-Julian-Cope/dp/0952671913

There is one more favorite from them which I will post at a latter time. The name is hard to remember.

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Dance Of The Lemmings..............This album is fantactic. I found it on vinyl in 2000 for $3 bucks!

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Title......Dance Of The Lemmings



This is just as good!

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Tesseract T      album release 2011  "One"












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Anubis Gate-Anubis Gate     another great 2011 prog metal release.

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Thanks, do you consider 10cc Pop or Prog? 

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I guess I have heard most of their stuff. The Original Soundtrack was purchased by me when I was 13. Later "I'm not in love" made them a popular band and it was played 30 times a day on the radio. The Original Soundtrack made 10cc famous. It is like a pop record but very opera/musical rock opera which was the in thing at the time after Jesus Christ Superstar and Tommy. I guess they are an enigma of a band really. There later stuff was definitely not progesive in the classical sense we use the word. I really don't know what I would call their style. It did have prog elements and pop elements.


Remember too that Killer Queen was a total hit in 1975. An opera/rock number. The question could be asked if Queen was a progressive rock band?

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I gave "Sheet Music" a listen and it is a fascinating album. I have some digging to do... 

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I can't remember if the band originally got mentioned to me by this thread, I scanned a few pages but i couldnt find anything. Really getting into the band Savatage, especially the albums Gutter Ballet and Edge of Thorns

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I'm sure it's been mentioned in here, but I just got into Riverside and these dudes are incredible. Some of the better Progressive music I've heard recently.

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Progressive/Alt./Experimental Rock



Amplifier - "Octopus" album.



Oceansize - "Effloresce" album.


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