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I now have to get some Focus. Connect a good headphone and you are in for some seriously good sound. I love the BBC sessions...

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Rush La Villa Strangiato is probably most Rush fans favorite instrumental or YYZ.


Although not 100% a instrumental but so very little vocals that it might as well be one Jacob's Ladder is my favorite Rush instrumental.


As for actual instrumentals I really don't have a favorite. I'll say I really like Leave That Thing Alone from Counterparts album though.

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For some new music I've recently got


Uriah Heep -Conquest

Uriah Heep  -Equator

I now have all the studio albums.


Gogol Bordello never heard of them before but they were touring with Primus so I listen to some clips on amazon and sounded unique/different. I picked up 2 albums


Gogol Bordello -Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike and -Trans Continental Hustle


Iron Maiden -The Final Frontier

Blind Guardian -At The Edge Of Time (today)


Kitaro -Heaven & Earth soundtrack 

New Age or instrumental music whatever you want to call it

Did make a album with Jon Anderson of Yes on vocals though 





Esham -Suspended Animation I listen to very little but a long time favorite rapper of mine dropped a new album.


Some other Rock/Metal

John 5 -The Art Of Malice

Wuthering Heights -Salt

Primal Fear -Black Sun

Electric Light Orchestra -Balance Of Power

Jethro Tull -Catfish Rising

Fates Warning -Disconnected


And some classical

Accardo Plays Paganini Complete Recordings


I haven't been listening to all my new stuff because lately I've been listening to other things more often lately its been Blue Oyster Cult and Helloween.

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Originally Posted by Deep Funk View Post
P.S. When it comes to buying albums I am terrible. I check out reviews and whatever information I can find. Sometimes it takes days...


I don't really listen to reviews. There is groups where the fanbase or people on the internet claim a certain period of a band's music sucks or this or these albums are the best but they just end up being wrong to me.

Its also the internet in general where people are constantly hating on things though. I like this site because it has some real music lovers who actually buy and listen to albums and not just a bunch of trolls hating.


I usually listen to some small samples see if I might possibly like it although at times it can be hard to tell but sometimes your like oh yeah.

Also gotta make sure what it is exactly.


But with some bands,persons,groups whose albums I have enjoyed before I'll grab some of their other stuff blindly.

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I usually go for albums with mixed opinions/reviews. Compilations are good or plain bad. 


Congratulations with your complete Uriah Heep studio album collection. 


Update: I think due to my change to Progressive Rock and more alternative/experimental music I will turn to Classical music in the end. I am more aware of anything that sounds too repetitious and 'dare I say uninspired' ever since. I have a strange weakness for the likes of Kate Bush and Florence And The Machine too...  Weird all of this...   

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There is a ton of good music I've been exposed to in this thread! 


It's pretty obvious what should be called progressive and what shouldn't be is up for debate.  I would say TOOL should be considered progressive because of their song structure and style, but again I don't think some of the other bands in this thread would be considered progressive.  At least it's a good debate to have and regardless of what genre it's still good music.



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Originally Posted by lasraik View Post
 I don't think some of the other bands in this thread would be considered progressive.

This isn't a strictly progressive thread.

It's a progressive rock,metal,hard rock thread.

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Originally Posted by Deep Funk View Post

Congratulations with your complete Uriah Heep studio album collection. 




I held off on Conquest and Equator for awhile but I always figured I would just get them anyways eventually.

It's a lot of albums for 1 band but when most of them are good it really isn't a big deal to get them all.

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I just relistened to some Kingston Wall tracks followed by some Liquid Tension Experiment tracks. 

Kingston Wall's "Istwan" and "Could It Be So?".

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I've finally got my hands (or should my say ears) on King Crimson's Lark's Tongue In Aspic and I'm on my first spin of the album. My first impression is that I already like it MUCH more than In The Wake Of Poseidon, though I find In The Court Of The King Crimson more accessible. I believe I need to give Lark's Tongue some time to sink in and I probably need to go through more a more intensive listening session for the album.


Edit : I am now listening to Lark's Tongue In Aspic Part Two and found I heard it somewhere before, then realized it might be in French soft porn movie Emmanuelle! Turns out I am right according to Wikipedia :


Part of the score for the 1974 French erotic film Emmanuelle was based heavily on Part II. After taking legal action against the film's producers, composer Robert Fripp eventually settled out of court.


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Today someone gave me Iron Maiden's "The Number Of The Beast" and "Powerslave". Also a self titled album by Metal Church. 


When the wallet is fuller again more music will come. This Icelandic band For A Minor Reflection has been on my mind lately, they will perform in Amsterdam :-).

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Post your thoughts on the Maiden once you listen to them.


Personally I hate hate hate the Run To The Hills song from the Number of the Beast.

Love 22 Acacia Avenue,and Children of The Damned songs.


For Powerslave I love the cover art and Rime Of The Ancient Mariner song.



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I like the album Powerslave much better than Number of the Beast, but Piece of Mind is my favorite Maiden record.  Still, Powerslave is my #2.  Great record.  Aces High, Two Minutes to Midnight, and the title track are all killer.

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I equally like Seventh Son of a Seventh Son and Piece of Mind as my favorites.



I also highly suggest the album Awaken the Guardian by Fates Warning, its just fantastic.

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Iron Maiden's "Powerslave" is done playing: Philips CD690 + AKG K240 DF.


Very tight album, galloping bass, pulsating guitars and good drumming. The vocals are clear and British. For some reason I was in need of Metal and as such there was an Iron Maiden album which reminds me of why I still do not like the Dream Theater vocalist. Back to the album though, "Losfer Words (Big'Orra)" and "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" own. Actually there is not a weak moment on this entire album which is impressive and sometimes there are moments which make me think: could it be any better? After which my  brains responds with a no. 


This album makes me think Muse is a rip off, Dream Theater sounds soft and overly complicated and many other things that just made me listen to "Losfer Words (Big'Orra)" again. Bliss begins around 2 minute 30 and takes on another high at 3 minutes. "Flash Of The Blade" has an intro that is just irresistible so I have to listen to the entire track again. I guess I do not have to emphasize how likeable this album is...


Now I am listening to Kingston Wall's "Palékastro" just to clear my mind again. 

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