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Apex High Fi Audio Peak and Volcano!!!

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HI All,

We have 2 new products to announce and we are now taking pre orders for them!!!

The Peak is a new hybrid headphone amp/preamp and the Volcano a high end power supply upgrade that currently works with the Peak and TTVJ FET-A. Both are designed by Pete Millett and sold exclusively through TTVj.

The Peak comes supplied with a 120/240v external power supply for $1400 or with the Volcano for $2000. The Volcano as a separate purchase is $650 so you can save $50 by purchasing them together.

Here are the details...

The Apex Peak represents a fresh approach to a mid-priced headphone amplifier and preamp.

The Peak is a hybrid amplifier, pairing a 6SN7 vacuum tube voltage amplifier stage with a class-A single-ended MOSFET output stage. Unlike some hybrid amplifiers on the market, the Peak generates a true high voltage B+ supply to operate the tube where it belongs – at a very linear operating point. The single-ended MOSFET output stage is DC-coupled to the outputs to provide excellent drive capability and deep bass response.

Three inputs, selected by a front panel switch, and a line output (which is automatically muted when you plug in your headphones) are provided, so you can use the Peak both as a headphone amplifier and a pre-amp for a loudspeaker system. Relays are used to keep the signal path short and direct.

The standard Peak is powered by an external switching power supply. For ultimate fidelity, an optional linear power supply is available that matches the amplifier in appearance and performance.

Unique design and quality parts combine to give the Peak optimum sound at an affordable price. Unlike many so-called "high-end" audio components, the Peak is not just a prettied-up marginal design implemented with poor-quality parts from third-world nations. It is proudly hand-built in the USA.


Tube complement: One 6SN7

Inputs: Three, unbalanced RCA connectors

Line output: One, unbalanced RCA connectors

Volume control: Alps RK27 potentiometer

Headphone output: 1/4" TRS unbalanced • Can drive loads from 16 ohms and up, including difficult headphones like the AKG K1000

Dimensions: Amplifier – 8.5" wide x 3" tall x 11" deep • Optional power supply – 8.5" wide x 3" tall x 11" deep

Power: 120V or 240V, 50/60Hz

Order your now and be the first to own this exciting new amp and power supply!

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Are we going to have to wait until CJ to see what it looks like?
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Hi Penger,

I hope to have pictures before CanJam but it could very well come down to it being unveiled in Chicago. I think we will have pictures of the Pinnacle in a week or two but the enclosure for the Peak and Volcano are still being built and could be 4 weeks away - and very close to the meet...

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unveiling new creations at meets is always exciting
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Hi Todd, What's the power output?
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We will have measurements and more info on the Peak very soon. Pete has assured me that it has enough juice to drive the K1000!

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Hi Todd 


Wonderful another great amp 


Todd my nickname in Italian forum is vulcan (in this forum in use) this amp Volcanoyes





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Todd, are there any additional specs available for the Peak? I'm specifically interested in power output and gain.

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My initial thoughts on the Peak are now up here: .



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