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Hi Mr LFF, 

                 I'm just curious, if you have tried the Titans yet? I'm interested in both but not sure whats the main difference btw them.

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Hmm... I'm really coming to absolutely loving the sound of these now! The colour of their sound is pleasing to me to such an extent now, that the 003s sound a bit dull in comparison... They are very cool-looking, and light, with cable of just the right length.
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Another surprise is that their sound seems to be more enjoyable straight out of my iTouch, in comparison to my T3. The amp makes the sound a bit more pronounced and defined, with a thinner bass (don't count on my description), but in doing so it takes away some of the fun fuctor...
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are these in stock anywhere? trying to get a pair quickkk

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I thought these sounded fine, and with no glaring flaws in the frequency which I would disapprove. I would recommend these headphones for those seeking a headphone in this price range. 


My two complaints against this headphone include comfort, and its plastic material. I can't wear the FA004 for long periods because my ears and the area around become too painful (the pads are not soft enough I guess, not sure). And the plastic materials seem pretty cheap, which wouldn't keep me from buying a headphone, but the plastic material can creek which is a minor nuisance.


Also, I would like to note that these sounded very boomy out of the box, but sounded fine after I burned them in for a day.

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How do these sound compared to d1001/1100 or M50? Also how are they for isolation? I am looking for a portable solution that will approximate my beloved D7000.
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I've read the M50 has recessed mids, and my experience with the D2000 has been that the mids are not as prominent as lows/highs. While the FA004 on the other hand has relatively forward mids (just how I wants em). I wouldn't call these detailed or anything, about what you would expect from a Head-Fi approved headphone from around this price (which means don't have your hopes up too high). The isolation on these are fine, but only if you have small ears, because the cups are not quite circumaural for most, which makes them even less comfortable than I had originally described in my previous post. 


I hope I answered your question Dweaver. I haven't seen you since the AD900 days. D7000 eh? Nice! 






Maybe this will be helpful. Flysweep's post #425 from the FA003 thread:


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Thanks Philimon, I went the IEM route for a long time until a head-fi meet opened my eyes (or should I say ears wink_face.gif) as to what I was missing out on. So after trying to placate myself with some new entry level fullsize headphones the siren call of the D7000 I heard at the meet just wouldn't let go. Have to say I won't be changing the D7000 anytime soon, it just does what I want more than anything I have ever heard. So now I want something similar for portable use. Reading the post you mentioned, these may be worth a try if I don't like the A100 I'll be hearing on the 28th in regards to having to much bass.

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Hi guys, I am looking for directions here for my first cans. I am tryin to compare the FA 004 and Alessandro MS1i. Could anybody suggest which one suit me more? I listen to lots of different music, from Asian pops to jazz and r&b, and quite a lot of classical. In that case I want something with gio soundstage and precise positioning. I am a current user of Senn IE8.

I understand it is not a apple to apple comparison as ms1 is an open cup and fa004 is closed. But I would like something that could handle different genres well here. It will be mainly used at home, so sound quality will be more important than isolation ability. Thanks!
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With your wide music selections, and your wanting of soundstage, I suggest you go for FA-004. MS1i soundstage is kinda cramped, not as cramped as grado, but definitely smaller than FA-004. I only heard them once or twice, though, so forgive me if my memory deceive me.
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Thanks for the suggestion, anybody has tried both who can tell what will be the advantage of having MS1i over FA-004, sound quality -wise. If not, I may go for FA-004, cheaper and sounds more promising?


Thanks all!!

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Originally Posted by J@CKY View Post



Thanks for the suggestion, anybody has tried both who can tell what will be the advantage of having MS1i over FA-004, sound quality -wise. If not, I may go for FA-004, cheaper and sounds more promising?


Thanks all!!

i just registered to say this,imo the FA-004 is better for multiple genre's than the MS1i after trying both of them yesterday.The MS1i feels cramped while FA-004 wider with better instrument separation [is this soundstage?i'm new to good audio],it's also lighter and more comfortable.

The bass is kinda boomy out of the box but 24 hours in it's not anymore.

i tried the DT231 Pro,SR60i,MS1i,FA-004 and for me the FA-004 is better suited for multiple genres [bought one in the end since i listen to multiple genres as well]

My 2 cents.

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I've owned both the MS1 and the FA004, and would agree about the FA004 being suited to more genres due to it being relatively neutral in comparison to the MS1, plus it has the wider soundstage. However, I have to disagree and would not say the FA004 is more comfortable. 


I would purchase the MS1 over the FA004 unless I needed a closed headphone. The MS1 can be modded to suit your tastes such as increasing soundstage beyond that of FA004, increasing neutrality, or increasing bass, and other tweaks. Search for Grado mods: MS1000 (thread by nickchen), and SR60 mods (thread by Bilavideo), etc. Plus the MS1 is neater aesthetically, and likely better resale value.

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I'm curious how these compare to the sr80i and ad700...

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