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Hey, I've got $19 Maxell OEM. I've put some 3mm foam into the second chamber, blu-tack to the first one, kept the vent, removed the foam and cut 2 holes in the paper around the driver. Love the isolation and sound! smily_headphones1.gif

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this or koss dj100 ? i listen to mostly prog metal songs like opeth and dream theater . pls help :(

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Can anyone shed some light onto the AKG 518 vs these? It's been asked a few times but I didn't see anyone answer it.

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Can someone please confirm this as on amazon uk theres FA004 but it says it has inline mic

here is the link

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Hey guys,


I'm in the market for my first "real" pair of headphones and am thinking about picking these up (Incipio F38's). Whichever headphones I choose will be used primarily for gaming but will be used for music as well. I’m a serious gamer although not very competitive right now. I used to play Counter-Strike competitively but those days are long gone. I do still play FPS’ but not competitively. My other games are generally MOBA’s or RPG’s where a lack of bass is not very beneficial. I’m looking for headphones that are a nice middle ground between competitive and casual gaming (and that can play music well too). I don’t think the AD700’s would really appeal to me but I don’t want super bassy headphones either.


As far as my source goes, these will be hooked up to my laptop. I do not have an external sound card or an amp. Seeing how this is my first step into the audiophile world, I don’t want to spend too much money right off the bat. Plus, I doubt my untrained ears will be able to tell much of a difference between $50 headphones and $200 headphones. I figure that if I like my new headphones a lot, and really want to invest more money into this hobby, a DAC and amp will be my next purchases.


So, with that said, do you think these headphones (Incipio F38) would be a good fit for me (and for what I want to do with them)? I'm obviously considering a number of other phones as well:


- Superlux HD661

- Superlux HD681

- Superlux 668B/Samson SR850

- CAL!

- MDRZX700

- HARX700

- Somic EFi-82 MT

- Jaycar Pro Monitor

- Takstar Pro 80

- Takstar Hi2050

- Philips Citiscape Uptown


How do you think the F38's compare to these other headphones I'm looking at? Which do you think would be the best for casual and competitive gaming as well as some music?

Thank you so much guys and I'm looking forward to your replies!

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I would not choose incipio. Soundstage is very small. I have ace mp68 which is the same headphone as incipio. I also have hd681, cal!, harx700, efi82mt, jaycars and hi2050. Of those my favorites are jaycars and hi2050. Those are quite evenly matched imo. If you need isolation go for jaycars and if you prefer (semi) open back headphone with soundleakage go for the takstars. Takstars best jaycars at positioning but jaycars have more detail.  Jaycars are more neutral and takstars have more warm musical sound.

If you might start competitive gaming again and live in europe you could also consider renkforce cd-340. Renkforces are fairly basslight but have great soundstage, transparency and detail. I have not heard ad700 but I think renkforces have quite similar sound and they cost only €14.95 at conrad.com. Renkforces are very underrated heapdhones...I prefer those over cal!, harx700 and few other well regarded budget headphones. Those are better known as fischer audio fa-006 and oem is yoga that also makes fa-003 and fa-004.


Jaycars, takstar and renkforce all scale up when amped properly but also run well without an amp.

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I previously owned the Nokia Purity On-Ears and really liked the sound.  Do these sound better?


Most importantly, is cable removable?  Still trying to decide whether to get the Fischer or just get the cheaper incipio's...

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Cable on the fischers is not removable, in fact I have recently been having problems with the aux plug and I am not sure how I will be able to fix it.

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Guys, did this to boost comfort. Use both the earpad, but one rests in the headphone as usual, and another one inverse. As in, for each side, put the extra earpad on it but in versed.

Was on this setup for 3 hours and still comfortable.
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Can anyone compare these to the JVC S500?

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Originally Posted by skafle View Post

Cable on the fischers is not removable, in fact I have recently been having problems with the aux plug and I am not sure how I will be able to fix it.

All I had to do was replace the plug. Second time I've had to do that but the failings of the first replacement may have been the result of less than perfect soldering.

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