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True.. the nice thing is that the earpads themselves have a thin fabric covering the grill over the driver housing (which the foam covered).. personally, I haven't had any issues with dust inside my phones, though..

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Sooo.. no 004 owners have removed the foam/care to share their impressions? I'm surprised..

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Has anyone been able to find a direct replacement earpad?  I do like the original earpad as far as the memory foam padding but it could be a little thicker and the pleather is not of the best quality. Possibly looking for different pleather earpads or even leather, velour earpads would probably ruin the SQ I'm getting right now-which I love. Happy Listening.

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fa004 back in stock! :)

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Updated impressions:



highs -> the highs sound lively adn airy , they have  a certain grado-ish quqality to them . They dont distort at all even with the most high pitctched note . The headphones sound so  lively and fun given these extremly foward highs that the mids are overshadowed in some tracks making guitar parts barely audible in the worst cases . The highs are a little bit strident and harsh sometimes though and vocal tracks sound quite more sibilant than with most headphones.


mids.-> While not very prominent the mids are buttery smooth and dont strike a hit of distortion . The mids are also very very very defined and lively making solo acoustic guitar tracks a joy to listen too since they seem very well shaped and sticking with that lively grado sound . Every string in a guitar soars like its right there beside , these headphones arent Too analitical , they mixed the right amount of neutral sound with a very caracterisitc colored sound they have.


lows-> The bass is tigh and sharp . its suits the tipe of song you are listinening to very well. For heavy dubstep/techno tracks it remains more that servicable while being slighlty shy compared against more bass heavy cans but it inst overwhelming in calmer songs like some of those cans are , its quite even.


I snatched them for 30 euros so for the price the SQ is amazing.

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All I can say is "Wow"!  I am stunned.  These things sound GREAT!!!  It is unquestionably the best $$$ I've spent recently.  I bought Beyer DT1350s and yes they're good, but are a tad on the bright side.  I just sent back a pair of Sennheiser HD 600s that most seem to rave about.  They seemed a bit congested.  The only comparison I can think of is a more affordable, and portable AKG 702.  I bought them from Frogbeats which is in Glasgow, Scotland.  The service was great and I had them within five (5) days compliments of DHL.  I couldn't be happier.  My chain is complete iPhone 4 cabled by a Moon Audio LOD into a Fostex HP-P1 cabled by an Oyaide 3.5 to 3.5 mm cable into an ALO Continental Tube Amp into my FA-004s.


Ah Nirvana... 

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I wanted to know how the FA-004 compares to the FA-006 amped, SQ, bass quantity, comfort, etc.? I was planning to get the FA-006, but I want to make sure I know which one I would actually prefer.


BTW: I read both threads, but I didn't see enough to figure out which would be better for me, so that's why I'm asking.

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LFF, NewVegasBaby, FlySweep, rhfactor1, TheWuss and all others: thanks for taking the time to help us all make a balanced decision before pressing the 'BUY NOW' button! My finger is hovering above the 'buy' button, but there's one thing I'm not quite sure about. I listen to a lot of classical music myself, and I'm wondering if the fa-004 would be a good choice. I already own a 003 (which is still burning in) but I consider buying a 004 for my daily commute. I now use BeyerDynamics DTX-100 when on the road.


Would you recommend this HP for classical music?

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I am not sure if the Brainwavz HM3 is the same headphone as the FA-004 or not but they certainly look very similar so I suspect they will have a similar sound at least.

So in regards to classical I really enjoy this headphone and liked the 3D aspect of the sound stage. I do not know classical well enough to know where instruments should be placed within an orchestra but was able to hear instruments not only left and right but up and down much more positional than other small size headphones I have heard.
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Thanks for that, dweaver. I listen to classical a lot, but I would hardly call myself a connaisseur - I just enjoy listening to the music and know when I like a certain performance, without pinpointing why. You know when it goes straight to the heart!


I've ordered an FA-004 from frogbeats in the meantime, should be here tomorrow. I couldn't wait for a reply (sorry, but thanks anyway), I was too curious... And yeah, I also think the brainwavz are rebranded Fischers. The FA-003 and the Brainwavz HM5 also look very much alike.

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as Princesiraj asks, i Would like to know the sound differences betewen 004 and 006..


(I have an 003w)


Thank You

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Sorry nightghost, can't help you with that... But I would like to comment that those 003W's in your avatar look sweet! Man...

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what about gaming with them?

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Originally Posted by FlySweep View Post

Sooo.. no 004 owners have removed the foam/care to share their impressions? I'm surprised..

I have the Brainwavz HM3, which seem to be pretty much the same can and I am tempted to do this mod.

Seeing as it is irreversible I want to check out if someone else has tried it.

I haven't done yet because I am not sure I am going to keep them because I find them a bit uncomfortable on the long run.

Which brings to my next question: does anyone know of any velour/velvet earpads that might fit these?


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So, I finally got around to removing the foam covering the drivers on the Brainwavz on the HM5, and I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised.

I believe I noticed the difference more than our guinea pig user FlySweep (thanks for the tip BTW). Not only have the mids opened up, they are more forward now but, better still, the bass cleared up considerably. It is not overly muddy in stock form but in some songs the mid bass hump can become quite noticeable and even overpowering.


I am running them off a FiiO e10 and the song  'Personal Jesus' from Depeche Mode, for example, is much more clean and exciting after the mod and Dave Gahan's voice comes to the fore. Also listening to Morrissey is much more enjoyable as his voice becomes closer (it was a bit subtle before the mod).

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