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Sydney/Blue Mountain Meet July 11 - Page 12

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(Give them a few days lol)

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Just got back from the meet and darn it, the only thing that i learned was wanting to get myself jh13s, hd800, k1000, hf2... the list goes on! Particularly the jh13 convincers//


Jokes aside its been a fantastic experience for me especially being my first meet. Everyone was very kind and kowledgable and just wanted to send another thank you message to John who arranged this meet successfully.


Untill the next meet

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I came back from the meet overwhelmed with all the goodies that showed up and everyone i've meet who had great knowledge in the gear and was kind enough to share with me their thoughts.


bcstyle: can't go wrong with the 13s as long as you have the right fit, cables and amp and deep pockets :)

but consider the 16s if you're a basshead


Its been a wonderful experience for my first meet, thank you all. As well to John for organising this meet and for his hospitality.

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By the way, the impressions thead is up:



Please post any impressions there :)

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For people in Sydney: my Beta22 that was at this meet is now listed in the for sale section.

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