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Sydney/Blue Mountain Meet July 11

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I'd like to welcome you to a Sydney/Blue Mountains meet, on July 11. From those I have already spoken too, the gear promises to be excellent. The meet will be held at my home, I have 3 main areas of space that could be utilised.
I'm located in the Lower Blue Mountains, in the suburb of Blaxland, parking will be plentiful and I'm also on the trainline (around a 70 minute trip from Central Station and a 15min casual walk from Blaxland station). I will firm up a time, as well as loads of other details as we move closer to date.
If numbers are around the same as the meet we had at Sydney Uni, space will not be a problem. But there may come a point where I'll have to limit gear, let's just see how we go.
If you are interested please post here and let me know what gear you'll be bringing. If you have any ideas or requests please let me know, I'll do my best to help.

You do not have to bring any gear to attend.


Train timetable.

Check the correct date is selected since is not yet available.





I’ve reached the maximum number of people I can hold for this meet, I’m sorry if you missed out, but for the convenience and comfort of other members I’ve had to limit attendees.

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Twisted Pair Audio Buffalo 32 (x 2)
Headamp Pico
Cowon S9
AMB Gamma1
AMB Gamma2
Benchmark 1 USB (x 2)
Musiland Monitor 02
Little Dot 1
Opus (Pending)
Ackodac Sabre 9012 with Dual Mono QRV08 and D1B1 Buffer
Twisted Pair Audio Buffalo II (Portable)
ibasso D10 with qusp Mod
MHDT Laboratory Havana
MHDT Laboratory Paradisea
Head Room Ultra Micro + Astrodyne Power Supply Unit
Musical Fidelity V

Nationite S:Flo2 (Pending)

Cambridge Audio 840C

Audio-GD Reference 8

AMB Balanced β22/σ22 (2 x 3 pin XLR)
AMB Balanced β22/σ22 (1 x 4 pin XLR)
Cavalli Audio Balanced EHHA (Pending)
Burson HA160
AMB Mini3 (x 2)
Headamp Pico Slim (x 3)
AMB β24 (Pending)
Shanling PH100
AK Modded Jaycar
LM1875 Chipamp
Extreme Modded ibasso FiQuest
Triad Audio Lisa III with Lisa Lab Power
Stax SRD-7SBmkII
Stax SRM-252II
Stax SRM-007t
Talisman T-3H
FiiO E5
Musical Fidelity X-Can V8P
Headroom Balanced Desktop
Triad Audio Lisa RS

Melos SHA-Gold

DIY Mosfet (Jun and Xin Build)

DIY Tube  (Jun and Xin Build)

Headamp GS-1 (Pending)

Bravo Audio Tube Headphone amp

Sennheiser HD800 (Balanced)
Sennheiser HD800
Sennheiser HD600 with Vortex Cable
Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro
Sennheiser HD650
Taket H2
Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000PRM
Beyerdynamic DT880
Ultrasone Pro 750
Sennheiser HD600 (Various Cables)
Denon Woody D2000
Grado GS1000
Grado PS1000
Audio-Technica W5000
Denon D7000
Grado HF-2 (x 2)
Grado RS-1
Audio-Technica AD2000
Denon AH-D5000
Grado HF-1 (Balanced)
Beyerdynamic T1 (Balanced)

AKG K702

Sony MDR-CD3000 (x 2)

Yamamoto Sount Craft HA-02

Beyerdynamic T1

Audio-Technica ATH-M50


Westone UM3X
JH Audio 13 (Qusp Various Cables)

JH Audio 13 (x 2)

Shure SCL5

Sennheiser HE60
Stax Lambda Nova Signature
Stax 404 LE (x 2)
Stax SR-Lambda Pro
Stax SR-202

PSB Alpha B Bookshelf



Kuzma Stabi S turntable with Kuzma Stogi S Tonearm

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w00t, about time

I'll be there. My gear list will likely change by then, but currently what's in my signature will be what I'm bringing:

Pico DAC-Only
Burson HA160 amp
HD600's with Vortex cable
Cowon S9
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Excellent =)

I'll be there with:


Pico Slim


Dt880pro will be there.
For others info my beta22 is balanced only and 4-pin terminated so feel free to bring your correctly(!) terminated 4-pin cans.
Just like John it is setup for an overall gain of 4x so k1000's may see the end of the dact's travel...

I plan to have my b24 finished by then so if it is I'll bring it for the light show hehe.
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That's awesome of you John, thanks! I'd love to come along of course, and can bring the majority of what is in my signature, plus a pair of HD800 that should be arriving in a couple of days Like Covenant, my gear list is sure to change, but any changes will be upgrades

Please let us know of course if there is anything we can bring along, or if we can chip in financially to help out. No reason you should have to fund the day when we all get to enjoy it so much!
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Hi guys. Great to hear there's a new meet happening. I'm keen to attend. As for equipment, I can bring a pair of Taket H2 which have just had a major structural and electrical overhaul. They can now be driven directly from a powerful speaker amp, so I'm curious to hear them driven by one of the balanced b22s

I might also be able to bring a DAC of my own design, which is currently at the assembly stage. Hopefully enough of it will be finished by the date of the meet.
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How are they terminated?
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At the moment, single plug 4-pin XLR. I'll reterminate to whatever though.

How much voltage can the b24 put out? This thing needs 50Vpp to get loud. The impedance ranges between infinite at DC and 50 ohms at the top.
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So we're competing with the Brissy July meet?

If there are some nice Stax there I'll try my best to turn up.

I can bring anything that's in my profile (but knowing this is head-fi everything is subject to change).
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I just checked the web site and I assume you have the transformer box?
You'll need that to connect the headphones to any speaker power amp afaik.
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We could combine, do a Brisbane to Sydney 24 hour Tour de Headphone?

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Originally Posted by Audio Jester View Post
We could combine, do a Brisbane to Sydney 24 hour Tour de Headphone?

LOL, so you're going to fly down here?
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Well, considering I am saving for my new rig I might have to walk.
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Wow this is great news. Id definitely love to attend my 1st meet. I can bring what is in my sig. Really looking forward to it.
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Originally Posted by nattonrice View Post
I just checked the web site and I assume you have the transformer box?
You'll need that to connect the headphones to any speaker power amp afaik.
I don't have the transformer any more. These are heavily modded, they can be driven directly from some power amps. The bal. b22s should do well.
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