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FS: Stax SR-5N (Gold) w/ SRD-7 adaptor

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For sell is an excellent example of Stax's SR-5N earspeakers. They come with an SRD-7 adaptor. The earspeakers are the Gold version ("N" for New), which have a thinner membrane than the regular SR-5. They have a cloth-covered cord.

These are extremely musical earspeakers. They are non-fatiguing with an excellent midrange. They function flawlessly and have only minor cosmetic imperfections. There is a small tear on the outside of the right ear pad, as well as a light scratch on the gold emblem on the same side. See pics for details. I have the original box for the earspeakers, although the stabilizing inserts have been misplaced. Nevertheless, they are securely bundled in bubble wrap and double-boxed.

Included in the sale is an SRD-7 adaptor. It's also in excellent condition, both functionally and cosmetically. I do not have the original box for this unit.

This is a normal-bias setup.

If my asking price is met, I will include shipping to the CONUS via FedEx ground. I accept PayPal and USPS money orders.

I am selling these to help finance a new acoustic guitar.

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Response sent.
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