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FS: Naked Red Wine Audio Modded SB3

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RWA Modded Black Wired SB3 - Price: 275 $255 shipped

This is a all black wired only (for stability) RWA modded SB3. I purchased this 2yrs ago from the original owner, and used it up until a couple months ago. I have heard a variety of squeezeboxes and DACs, and this is my favorite. I still use a SB3 w/ identical RWA mods in my main system. The following mods were done:

1) replace dac chip to "KE" version of the PCM1748

2) installation of new RCA jacks... gold plated with teflon insulator

3) hard wire output of dac to directly to new RCA jacks via
Auricap signal capacitors.

4) Replace stock analog power supply cap with low ESR Panasonic FC type

5) Replace power supply decoupling caps to the dac with Black Gate NX-Hi-Q caps.

It is in good condition except for one quirk, its naked. About 9 months ago the faceplate came off, the glue that held it on dried out and that was that. If someone wants I can try and get the faceplate off another SB3 of mine, as the same thing is happening to the other two I own.

The face has those superfaint swirl marks that all SB3s have, but it also has some very faint scratches in the upper right and left corners. There is a small blemish on the left side from the mod where the case was touched w/ a soldering iron. The rear also has a few faint scratches.


Accepting Paypal gift or USPS money order. Will be shipped double boxed and comes with SB3, remote, and stock power adapter. I have feedback on Head-Fi, Club Polk and on Audiogon. For sale in the US only.

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Still boxed up and ready to go.

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Forgot about this.  I also have a Belkin F5D7330 wireless adapter that I can throw in for $50.  Works great as a bridge, always had 90%+ wireless signal strength with it, vs 75%+ with a wireless squeezebox in the same location.


Now $255 for the RWA modded SB3

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