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How about Clip-ons?
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Koss KSC-75.
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or Yuin G2A
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Originally Posted by FooFreak View Post
I am fine with carrying around a set of headphones since I don't like the in ear headphones. You would suggest the M50 and SRH850 over the ESW9?
I don't know the ESW9, but I can tell you that both the M50 and the SRH840 are great cans.

They are very different and are each good for certain purposes.

If you want a fairly neutral - natural sound without an overabundance of bass, go for the SRH840. These are good for classical, some jazz, acoustic, etc. They are (for closed cans) clean, open and very similar to the HD600 in overall tonality. Extremely detailed and fast. Fairly accurate cans.

If you want some thumping, thrashing up-front, forward presentation with slightly recessed mids. The M50's are for you. Obviously... Rock and derivations thereof. Really, these cans are FUN and punchy. In addition to this, they are actually fairly natural in their tone. Nothing grossly colored, but some frequencies slightly muted.

My $.02

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Sennheiser HD25-II

Try them. I want to hear them myself. Built like a tank, closed, and alot of people on Head-Fi like them.

I love my M-Audio Q-40 though.
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