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Maybe post in this thread if you've had a problem, Jude is aware. I havent had one while at head-fi though I did get one on diy audio which seems to be a similar problem.

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Originally Posted by Head Injury View Post
Coincidentally, I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 as a second OS. It's fun to play around in, but no Foobar makes me sad and a terrible college internet connection makes the installing of everything I need slow.

Anyway, I'm on W7 95% of the time (previously 100%) with Chrome and Avira AV and no problems yet. Is it any coincidence that I'm using AdBlock?
Originally Posted by fenixdown110 View Post
I'm on Ad Blocker as well as Adblock Plus to cover all ads. No attacks here either.
Adblock plus & Firefox = no problem, winXP SP3. Avira has reported nothing.

Interestingly, I have noticed slower load times for pages, with the status bar telling me ff was waiting for content from google analytics, content that no doubt adblock plus was blocking.

Get adblock plus for firefox here: Adblock Plus: Save your time and traffic
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Google Chrome + AdTwart works far better than AdBlock and Firefox.
Firefox is quite slow these days tbh. Google Chrome is much safer (via sandboxing, which is the isolation of applications, or in Chrome's case, individual tabs, from the OS and other programs).


It's easy with freeware stuff (for home use) to be extremely secure in terms of virii and the like.
Hell, I could even improve my security even more but I'm not super paranoid.


Comodo Personal Firewall

The best software firewall for home use free or paid-for.


Results and comments - www.matousec.com

It has consistently been #1 for a while now. PC Tools Firewall Plus is also another one to use. Use only one firewall. Don't install the Comodo anti-virus as there are better free ones.


Avast Free

Overall, does the best job of protection and features in a freeware product.
Does better in all tests tested with it on av-comparatives.org than paid-for AVG.
Has a 'gaming mode' as well so it won't nag you / interfere while you game as well.


MalwareBytes Free

Internet Browser based protection:

Use Google Chrome

Fastest, by default has the most features, and importantly, uses sandboxing, which basically is isolating an application from the OS and other applications while it's running.

Install and then download the AdTwart plugin for ads and ya sweet.

Other applications:


- Freeware sandbox program that does the same but with applications of your choice etc...

- A router

Not only is a router useful for connecting multiple internet connection to one modem, they usually have some sort of hardware firewall capabilities as well.
Anyway, Norton's and AVG are horrid. Please don't use them.

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For the record, the laptops I was on were both company standard loads which includes an older version of IE. I won't say the name, but for such a large, International consulting firm, we're a little behind the curver on our desktop loads. The trojan is the worse I've ever seen. Won't allow me to open and applications including MS Office files. Looks like I'm gonna have to re-image the machine. And looks like I'll be downloading and installing Google Chrome.
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Comodo Firewall nagged the hell out of me 4 years ago, I don't know what it's like now.
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My desktop computer was infected yesterday.it died on me and doesn't even want to let me go to safe mode to retrieve my important data.I will contact one of my computer geek friend to tell me what to do and to try reformat it again.
My computer is not up to date and it is running xp,and my antivirus was expired 4 days ago.I mainly use it to check my mail and headfi and my laptop the rest.
Thank you headfi.org for ruining my computer
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There is an existing thread at the following link:

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