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PCDP vs PMDP... Which one REALLY wins?

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As you're all probably more than aware, I have both the D777 Discman, and the MZ-R55 Minidiscman, and... after my batteries dieing on me D777 I decided to listen to a couple of MDs (have barely used it in the past year)... and... there was no majorly noticeable difference between the two units (using EX70s through Headphone Out)

So... the question is, quite simply, which source do you favour for sound quality and (probably more importantly) portability??

(Have my ears degraded that badly that there really is a HUGE difference between the two, but i just can't pick it up?? - saying that me DE-J825 still sucks in comparison )
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MD wins for sheer portability. and I doubt PCDPs sound any better from the headphone out.

if it doesn't have to be pocketsize, I can see how PCDP (line out) + portable amp + good headphones would be a great setup, but it's not something I would like lugging around all day.
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While I recently bought a MZR700, I voted CD.

I had not seriously listened to music for a long time. I recently bought a MZR700 to record MP3 to it and finally have music while commuting. But then, it (and this forum along) incited me to buy CD's. My musical preferences changed quite a bit as well.

Now I don't copy any MP3 anymore and I buy quite a few CD's every month. The simplicty of PCDP would be an asset to me. No need to keep a CD + a MD and spend time copying my own CDs.

I don't need ultra portability as I use my MD for commuting and having a bag would not be a problem, especially if it brings extra sound quality through the usage of an amp.

Still the MD was not a bad expense. It was not much more expensive than a top of line pcdp. It is probable that I would not replace it when it dies. I would sell my MD's (edit: the discs) and buy a PCDP + cmoy amp.

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Currently the MD reigns for portable use (I don't hardly use it at home at all), and for quality and storage capacity it is great, being able to use standard play or MDLP, and with NetMD on the horizon, it should be firmly entrenched for convenience too.

The venerable CD wins out for home and auto use for me, and some portable use as well, and at times is more convenient since there are many more CD players in existence than MD players. If and when CD-MP3 portable players mature (in sound quality, compact size, and convenience), they will win out for me for all but sheer compact size. But what it will take to totally convert me is something that is as small as my Panasonic 570 or Sony 915, as user friendly as the Sony, as good sounding as the Panasonic, and is upgradeable and feature filled like my Rio Volt (of course the ability to drive my Senn 580's like my on order Sony D-25S would be nice, but a little too much to ask). If such a player ever hits the market, it won't likely be for a couple more years, and until then, MD will have to do. Of course such a player still won't record, so it looks like MD will be in my arsenal for quite awhile.

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MD, no question! Its light, small, durable, long battery life, you can lug a stack of MD's in your coat pocket, pants pocket or even your sack/bag. Sounds fabulous to boot!


ps. doesnt skip also!
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For *portable* use, MD wins out easily -- much smaller size, far better battery life, no skipping, and in true portable environments, sound quality that is pretty much equal to CD.

CD would be better if you're stationary and have a nice portable amp (for example, at the office, in the bedroom).
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an MD player sounds better with an amp too....
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do any current md players have dedicated line outs?
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I take MDs anyday for the portable medium. There's no way in hell you're going to get my precious CD collection out into the real world to be subjected to scratches, dust, dirt, etc.
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that's what burners are made for!
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After buying my new portable rig with the Headroom AirBag and the Etymotic ER-4S, the smaller size of the MD player that I have (MZ-R900) doesn't really matter. In fact, the D-EJ01 fits better in the Airbag and it's easier to replace discs with the slot-loading drive.

Sometimes, though, I like being able to put my MD in my jacket's inside pocket. So in that way it does win for portability.

But I have to say, since I have almost no MP3s which aren't made from CDs I have, the MD recorder is a bit of a hassle -- recording from CD is annoying and takes a long time.

So I chose the third group, even though I have both.
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Hmm, I'm not quite sure where I stand on this subject, because much of the arguments, for or against, really depend on the equipments' designs/engineering, and not the format itself. Battery life is one of these variables.

But in the context of late 90s equipments that we have/have had, my vote goes to MD. MD equipments are often more user friendly in the details.
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