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@amaliki3:  I had the LCD 2 rev 1.  It is quite different from the W3000.  It is much more "neutral".  The W3000 has the beautiful, cozy, enticing sound.  But some may find it too colored.  I don't think anyone thinks that of the LCD.  The LCD is also heavier, although distributes the weight well.  Both are picky about amplification/source.

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W1000x's/3000x are noticeably more source picky than the LCD imo... As far as picky headphones go. I'd consider the LCD to be one of the least ones.
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nice to hear the W5000 is inded an upgrade to the w1000x


honestly though the $5 bannar hanagar works maical, those two bars don't support the weight the wing system does and yea they are pretty durable as others have mentioned


for other headphones though I've modded that bannar hanage with about an inch of padding all around it an a sock [for a clean look] I'll post a pic of that contraption eventually but the padded hanagar does not work with the w1000x as it puts strain on the wings which I don't like or want

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Well, it's been almost four years since I purchased my W1000X.  They prompted me to put my other AT woodies away for safekeeping, and have consequently seen a lot of use.  Just recently they developed a problem. 


The right channel was cutting in and out, related to movement.  I isolated the issue to a section of wire that's knotted just inside the housing, to prevent pulls from damaging the solder points.  Not sure if the wire was weak and simply broke due to being tied around itself, or if small pulls over time caused the knot to tighten and weaken the wire. 


With the fixed Y-split, the compromised section was too low to cut the wire and re-solder, unfortunately.  The simplest fix I could come up with was to lower the knot (as loose as I could make it) to an undamaged section of wire and isolate the damaged portion above it with tape, in a position where it stopped losing the connection.  All good--at least temporarily.


Three weeks later, the same thing happened on the left side.  Applied the same fix, but I expect I'll have to replace the cable at some point, or have someone more competent try to salvage it in some way.


Hopefully it's not some defect waiting to sneak up on others.  Keep your ears peeled. :triportsad: 

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I see. Occasionally people still get on this thread. Can anyone say the difference between the he560 and w1000x?
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Docta: how long of a list do you want? ;-)
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Wow stupid auto correct hd650
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Ok guys, I'm back!
The W5000's that were replacing the W1000X's are out!
The W1000X's are much easier to listen to for more that 30 minutes. The W5000's got annoying after a while, they are not my cup of tea.
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I wish I had not sold my w1000x. I was too focused on what it did wrong instead of what it was good at. Mids were propably the best I've heard. Lush without sacrificing clarity. Most of the time it is veiled or lifeless... w1000x had it just right. Anyone know of cheaper headphones with similar sound signature? :)

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Beocord: for me the AKG K550 is a good second after the W1000X. Especially at 1/3 of the price.
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K550 sounds similar? Did not expect that... I'm used to akg house sound being quite clinical. I'm set with my current headphones, I sold w1000x mainly because I think dx1000 is a better headphone. I'd just like something with the magic w1000x has with female vocals in particular. W1000x  is really underappriciated... At cheapest it doesn't cost much more than hd650 and such but is clearly a league above. Some hear differently but for me it is obvious.

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The K550 is not as cold as the open back ones from them. For $140 used it is the cheapest that is as easy to listen to as the W1000X with nice mids and bass.
Overall it can't touch the W1000X, of course.
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Ok. I will propably give it a try at some point. I know akg is capable of making easy to listen headphones. Take k501, add bass and better imaging = end game headphone. So far they have not been able to make all those three. I have not heard the new flagship though...and I propably never will, atleast not before I buy an amp more suitable for low impedances.

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I was impressed with the K702 65th anniversary version. It has the detail and 'clean' sound of the normal one, but with added bass.
There is a K550 for sale for $130 on the sell forum here.
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I have only heard k701...IMO it is one of the most overrated headphones ever. Artificial soundstage, it is neither bright, bassy or mid centric...It was just plain boring. I will propably give those another shot one of these days but I doubt I will change my opinion. K701 is the total opposite of w1000x. Talking about opposites... My main headphone is jvc dx1000 and sony sa5000. Night and day difference. I just put dx1000 pads on sony....it is some unholy matromony but it sounds awesome. Euphonic bassy nature of jvc combined with super detailed sa5000. If what I hear is true this is a kick ass combination.

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