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Originally Posted by lukem5 View Post

Not when the previous owner put them on there.

Anyway I am using these plugged directly into my motherboard audio output (Realtek ALC898) and they sound ok I guess. The bass is pretty boomy and overshadows a lot of the finer/delicate/detailed quiet highs I really like (if that makes sense)

I just need a good amp to drive it, then I can give a good review.

I have heard this pair of phones is rather finicky with its amp pairing. What are some good ones out there? will probably get a SS amp/ other one so I can listen to electronic with them


The motherboard's on-board audio's high output impedance might be causing the W1000X's to have a bloated (louder, less detailed) bass.

The Schiit Magni headphone amplifier ($99+ tax/shipping) has a very low output impedance (>1-Ohm). 

The O2 Objective 2 headphone amplifier ($130) also has a low output impedance.


Here is a nice Grado mini adapter cable,

7 inch 1/4" female to 1/8" male adapter ($14.95).


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My Modi/Magni combo sound great with my W1000x's. To my beaten down hearing anyway!

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