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So M^3 can't/ doesn't boost UM3X, can I even be sure any other amp will? XM5 doesn't look so practical (arrow is nice and thin) and its bass boost doesn't have options (just on/ off).
I guess I should try one of these before buying to even see if it works with UM3X. No idea how to do that though...
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For bass boost an E5 would suffice, or the GoVibe Magnum which has an analog bass boost which worked very well for most IEMs I've tried. You can use the monster triple flanges, by cutting of the stem of your UM3X triple flange and put it in the monster tip, or any dynamic IEM tips for that matter, I always use it with my Sony Hybrids for deep insertion and comfort.
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How powerful is GoVibe Magnum?
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Originally Posted by ZARIM View Post
XM5 with 634 busbar buffer can put out one full watt(very powerfull) for headphone with bass boost and gain about 10mw(BTW it's already bassy).
Originally Posted by nyjets28 View Post
x2 on the xm5 - but it can be almost overpowering
Yes, I don't recommend the XM5 for IEM use. In low gain I can barely move the pot before the volume is too loud. Using the +75 Ohms can help get around this but that also changes the sound, which is sometimes a good thing(ER4P>S).
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i think the magnum or one in its family has a bass knob
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Originally Posted by Bilavideo View Post
I have an M^3 with a variable bass boost. It can put bass into anything. I hooked it up to the UM3X and heard absolutely no difference. The amp simply took it to where it already was. It boosted the PFEs. It boosted the TF10. It boosted the SE530. It boosted the Sennheiser HD 650 and 800. It boosted all of my Grados - and (with the exception of the 125, 225 and RS-2) I've had them all from the iGrado to the GS-1000. It didn't boost the ER4P/S, which just wouldn't put out as far as bass was concerned, and it didn't boost the UM3X, which already had plenty of bass. I think you're wasting your money if you buy an amp to bass-boost a UM3X. If you're not getting plenty of bass from your UM3X, check your tips. You may need to use something else to get the right seal.
boosting the se530, that is impressive, the triple always seems to respond remarkably well to eq imo,,, so do the um3x not respond to eq all that well or just their low end?
and is boost sensitive or very light like most ive tried?
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It's really powerful when set to max, that + ie8 will swirl your brain around....
But I doubt anyone would go that far because it'll bleed into the mids.
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Is this for portable use? I'm guessing from the portaphones and IEMs, so I'm also guessing your using players with limited EQ's?
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K181 will be used with a computer, UM3X will be used with S:flo2 media player, if that's what you were aksing
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Well the S:flo2/T51 is well known for awesome sound quality but also a sub-par UI. So an amp might be the solution, but the ones under 200$ not gonna do any better than what the HO already has to offer.
Might wanna consider the Headstage Arrow, it fits almost perfectly with the T51 and has a three stage bass boost along with other useful settings such as impedance, gain and CROSSFEED!
But if you want a change in sound signature, the first thing you wanna consider is a new IEM/cans. UM3X is meant to be neutral, try going to it's cousin the W3, it has plenty of impact in the low end! The MTP copper is neutral with a slight bass emphasis, or if you want more bass (and bling) go for the gold.
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Aha, I don't already have UM3X, just making plans for the summer

I wanted to buy IEM's that are neutral and would respond good to amplification. Also, since they're neutral amp needs to have bas boost that would satisfy me as a bass head

And that's why I was going for UM3X, they are pretty neutral with great bass quality and sound stage, they have an impedance of 50 Ohms (that's why I think they would respond good to amplification) so amplifier would add to bass quantity (with bass boost option) and also overall better sound.

Any other IEM recommendations that would work well with S:flo2 and and amplifier with bass boost option would be nice.
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Doesnt Lisa lll have bass boost?
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The Monster Turbine Pro series respond well to amplification IMHO, although I have no idea what the impedance is, it seems to have a rather high impedance (lower volume compare to my other IEMs). The gold played pretty well with my D4. If you want a neutral IEM and bass boost to kick it up, go for the copper. I choose to go crazy with the bass and go for the Gold, wonder what will happen to my brain cells if set on max bass boost with the Magnum?
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From looking into all the amps I decided to get Triad Audio Lisa III Standard, it has enough power, bass boost and is small.

Now I will read everything about it and see which IEM's pair well with it.

Thank you all for suggestions!
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Update: Lisa III doesn't even have 1/8 connecotr so it is out,, also it is kinda long, didn't really notice before

Leaning towards Arrow
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