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I know amazon reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt. Usually I pay no attention to them. This time however I did read a lot of those because there is very little info around. There were some nice reviews. Lot of comparison between these and sony mdr-v6 for example. Of course it takes a lot digging a round to find the reviews that are worth a damn.


I think those ath-s were released in 1995 maybe even 1994. Originally sold for 150$ which I think was a lot for headphones back then. They charged premium and it was build premium also. Cable and the plug is very nice. I like how the cable is connected inside the cups. It is  connected with a thing similar to this http://kalajuttu.files.wordpress.com/2007/04/kuuvalot_sokeripala.jpg


So if the cable comes off it can be repaired with just a screwdriver. Also handy if you want to change the cable. Not that many people have soldering irons at recording studio :)


I know that age of the headphones might be a turnoff for some people but when you think of it headphones seem to evolve at a lot slower pace than most stuff. Think of old beyerdynamic, senn hd600, old stax etc... Hehe sennheiser orpheus was released in 1991. Technology to make good headphones has been around for a long time, people with money to pay for that technology is a newer thing.


Those pro monitor at the top of my list are fischer audio fa-003/brainwavz hm5 clones sold by jaycar. People say those sound like closed back hd600. I somewhat agree, there are a lot of similarities. Of course properly amped hd600 is superior, but with lower end gear the difference is not that much. Pro monitor don't scale up that much with better equipment. In that sense Takstar hi2050 is better. That was the main reason I prefer takstars over pioneers. Pioneers sound better with bad gear but it doesnt get that much better with gear upgrade. 


I will try evo's some day, also those 669 and few other superluxes. I still need to hear atleast mdr-v6, koss pro dj100 and some other higly recommended budget cans. Next week I'll be getting takstar pro80. I think I'm about half way in my project. I plan on trying all of the most hyped cheap headphones.




Ok, I have not heard half of the hyped cheapos. More like 1/3 at best. I actually made a list of the headphones I'm still missing. Feel free to add to the list, if you guys think I'm missing something. I also need new source and amp for reviewing all the headphones. Something cheap that average person would likely have If budget for headphones is less 100$. Propably cheap fiio system or something...


Still have not heard the following:


Sony Mdr-V6 / Sony mdr-7506
Koss Pro Dj100
Superlux (many models)
Tascam TH-02
Jvc ha-s500
JVC ha-s650
JVC ha-s770
Audio Technica ath-m30
Noontec Zoro
Akg K81dj
Sennheiser hd239
Sennheiser hd229
Sennheiser hd219
Sennheiser PX 100-IIi
Sennheiser hd429
Sennheiser hd419
Skullcandy Aviator
Beyerdynamic dt 235
Beyerdynamic dt 231
Beyerdynamic DTX710
Shure SRH440
Philips citiscape uptown / downtown
Panasonic rp-htx7
Koss ksc75

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Where were you guys when i need your comments! hahaha! Just kidding!


I have been using my evo for a few days now and I agree it somewhat veiled. It seems that there's something trying to restrict the sound from coming out (hope what I'm talking about is same to what you describe as veiled). My expectation might have be a bit high with these superlux phones from reading other reviews. Too bad I have really no chance to audition the HD668b.


I have noticed that my smartphone does not have enough power so I think I will need an amp, Fiio E6 maybe? Will the E6 make difference when I use it with my Laptop(MacBook Pro) or by using E6 with phone it would be at par with my laptop? Everything is new to me, hope I would not end up like others here spending a bunch on the search of having their Ideal Headphones.


"Let the others spend then learn from them?" Hahaha. :veryevil:

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I just received my HD668B headphones.  I bought them from BB for $37.  I currently have 3 high end cans, but was looking for something to use with my ipod classic.  Well, they don't work with the ipod classic.  They are too soft without some other amplification - at least for me.  However, I tried them with my O2 and Magni, and they sounded great.  I was kind of shocked.


They're not beautiful or comfortable, but they sound better than my V-Moda LPs, and those list for a couple of hundred dollars.  I just wanted to warn people who are planning on replacing a V-moda or PX100 that they will not be well driven without an amp.  If you put them with an amp, I've never heard a hp for $37 that even comes close.



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I just pulled the trigger on these  $29.99. Can someone tell me where to buy the velour pads I have been reading about?

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Originally Posted by Jetblack08 View Post

I just pulled the trigger on these... $29.99. Can someone tell me where to buy the velour pads I have been reading about?

Same here.  My previous purchase was beyerdynamic t1 btw.  wth is wrong with me? lol

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Nothing! Lol! These things never fail to impress me. They scale so well up with better sources and better amps!

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reading the last reviews...maybe it`s just me that liked the Evo more than the HD681 and HD668B :blink: 


Have you guys used the newer version?

It comes with extra velvet pads in the box, they made some corrections...

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Originally Posted by altrunox View Post

reading the last reviews...maybe it`s just me that liked the Evo more than the HD681 and HD668B :blink: 


Have you guys used the newer version?

It comes with extra velvet pads in the box, they made some corrections...

I have the newer version of the EVO and, at first, I thought I liked them better than the HD 681s but I found that in an A-B test, I prefer the HD 681s.


Edit: I read about removing the foam discs covering the drivers on the EVOs.  Tried it and now I'm loving my EVO's even more.  Huge difference in SQ.  Superlux is THE most underrated headphone company, IMO and the best headphone that most have never heard of.  I'm singing their praises every chance I get !!

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Ordered these and they are currently on a USPS truck driving around my town. The anticipation is suspenseful!


Call me crazy, but what I do with great sounding full sized around ear cans is to take the drivers out and stick them into an on ear housing with detachable cable so I can hear great sound while out and about plus not look like a dork (thanks to Beats) Recently, it has become fashionable and not dorky to wear brightly colored on-ear cans around in public.


My current drivers in a cheap housing are the MDR-700J. For some reason, removing all the fluffy filter and placing the drivers in a cheap and smaller housing controlled the bass, made the v-shaped midrange flatter, and made the highs crisper without sibilance.


I'm hoping the 668B drivers will blow them away. But I'll probably wear them intact for a while and transplant the drivers when I break the housing - which I always do.


I am a DJ at a local club and often will sit on my cans or even step on them when not paying attention. In the case of the MDR-V700J, it actually made things better. 


EdiT ADD: since no one has replied, I'm just going to ammend this response.


They arrived, the first thing I did was to plug them in with my hands free cable with the button for phone functions. They sounded pretty good. Then I unplugged the phone cable and used the cable that came with the cans. THEY SOUND AWESOME. The phone cable is crap. The bass is clear. clear. not boomy or thump thump thump subwoofer loud - but clear. The bass sounds like its coming from a bass and not farting. The rest of it is awesome too. They haven't been burned in but I'm at the club now and will use them for the night.


They do not look or feel as cheap as I have read in some threads. I also own a pair of K240s and they are very reminiscent of them. 


More to come later.


Let's go, it's karaoke time.




They sound awesome that I decided these drivers are the ones I want in my portable device. Less then 24 hours later, I took the drivers out of the Superlux (they are actually branded Superlux and not something like Foster). melt and cut out the driver cages from the original headband and put them into my portable that uses a removeable cable. Now I have the best set of portable headphones! I might do it again - but Superux headphones then transplant the drivers to a smaller housing for portable use with the remote hands free option.

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Nice to know there is still some following on this hidden gem! Paired with a warmer amp and with sub bass boosted a little and highs reduced abit then these are stellar for the price!
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I used some felt and blocked part of the holes in the driver grille to tighten the bass even more and tame the crazy highs.
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Must try it out! How much did it change the sound? smily_headphones1.gif
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Keep in mind that I took took apart the Superlux headband, cut and melted out the drivers and cages and stuck them in my own on the ear housing. At first, I took off the sound damper that Superlux put on the drivers. It sounded very very very crisp - not sibilant, but very crisp. I then covered the holes with electrical tape - and it tamed the sound - then I decided to try the felt pads rubber cemented. It is still crisp, but not intolerable like it was before. Tightened up the bass and mellowed out the midrange. I also have felt behind the driver in order to damp the bass further. So - my results will definately  not be the same as yours since I have transplanted housings. I look at it as getting both drivers for $30. Since I stuck them in a $10 can housing, I also won't get mugged in public for my cans.


Blocking the hole in the middle filters out highs - and the closer the blockage is to the outside, the blocked frequencies get lower. Using felt instead of electrical tape still filters out the higher frequencies, but allows the lower frequencies to pass through instead of being blocked.


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And here are the pictures that I took while I was ripping the drivers out of the original HD668B headband. . .


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So do you think you've made yourself a pair comparable to the sennheisser momentum or Beyerdynamic DT1350's? Lol!
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