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I am selling my beautiful -- and beautiful sounding -- Cary cad-300 sei single-ended, integrated, 300B tube amplifier. This is an early version in 100% original condition with chrome chassis, black faceplate, original + NOS Philips JAN 6SN7WGTA input tubes, and Cetron 300B power output tubes.

The amp has been rarely used since I purchased it. It's got conservatively about 100 hours on it, a portion of which was to power Vandersteen 1Cs (highly underrated) in a second system, the remainder to drive Grado RS1 and Sennheiser HD650s in my office headphone rig. In fact, this is probably one of the finest headphone amps around. A switch on top shuts down output to speaker terminals and puts the power to the headphone jack on the front.

Check out Cary’s site for reviews of the amp.

Asking $1,895 plus shipping and insurance. Payment via Paypal preferred (add 3.5%).

Please PM with any questions you may have. Thanks.