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but the 495's need an amp...
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Well, they don't need an amp... but they will sound better with one (like every other headphone on the planet)...

106dB/mW and even said good for portables by Headroom, I would say the HD495 is an option.
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If you do get the HD495, remember that its efficiency is squashed by the overly thick pads...
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So should I get the HD495's?
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Why not any of the better headphones that fit your $150 limit? You can probably find the HD580's somewhere for ~$150 (it'll probably take some looking around though).

I just think that if you're considering a headphone like the HD495 (regardless of not having an amp) that's way below your limit, then you can find other headphones that'll "outclass" the HD495's.
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Um, how exactly does one modify the pads on the HD495's so that they are not as thick? What other, thinner pads can one use? Is there any way to cut them laterally?
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If you were to get significantly thin the pads, wouldn't that severely influence the sound??
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Well, I don't know what sort of mod to do. All this mod needs to do is make the transducers end up closer to the ears than usual.

Heck, I even posted this on the DIY forums, but no one answered.

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When I had my HD495's, I didn't think the earpads were a "problem." If the workaround to not having an amp is simply a matter of moving your ears closer to the transducers, couldn't you just do this for other less efficient headphones? Once I had my DIY cmoy amp made properly, I was enjoying the sound through the unmodified HD495's. IMO, these headphones should be heard the way they were meant to be heard by their original design.
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The Grados are pretty good without amps, but I would get the SR60 or SR80. Especially the SR60 is a great value. The SR125 and 225 are just treble boosted versions of the cheaper ones, in my opinion, and unless that's what you're looking for, aren't as good as the 60 or 80's. The Sony V6 is a good value for a closed phone, again for way less than $100. I'm not familiar with the Sennheiser HD495, but if you get an amp the HD580 is a great phone. I've also heard bad Sennheisers and bad Sonys, so unfortunately you can't go by the brand name.
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I'm getting the impression that I would sooner or later need an amp. So I was thinking that maybe I save up more money and buy an amp and the headphones at the same time later on. Just to figure out how much i need, can someone estimate a price on a decent amp. I do not want the cheapest one that has bad quality. I'm jus looking for one that is decent in performance. Thanks
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the Airhead is $100 and the better, more expensive, but apparently worth the extra $60, is the Total Airhead for $160.

Also you could consider making a Cmoy amp, they cost about $20 to $25 , made completely from components available at Radio Shack, and is a cheap alternative for people who dont wanna lay a hundred or more dollars down for an amp.
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The total airhead is better than the regular airhead, but since portability is not needed you can get better sound yet (not to mention a better volume control, better case, etc) by going with an AC run amp like the Corda, Creek or one of the new Headroom models. I think once you reach this level you will have an amp you can live with for a long time
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