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Headphone Recommendations?

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What are your recommendations on a good, all-around headphone?...I am willing to spend around 150 at the max...I really want an all-around type headphone that will be good with all types of music.

Thank You
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Well, if you don't mind open phones, I'm going to suggest a pair of Grado Sr-80s. They can be had new for about $95, don't need a dedicated amp, and sound great with most kinds of music and good with everything. If you have a seperate amp there are probably better phones like the Sennheiser HD-495.

Also, I'm selling my SR-80s right now for $70 in the market place forum because I want a pair of the SR-325s. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showth...=&threadid=498
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Thanks for the advice...I was looking at the grados too...I don't have a separate amp if that helps anyone else making a recommendation...I also don't mind the open headphones because I will be using it for mainly home use...Are there any opinions on the Sony Mdr-v700dj?...Thanks...All responses are welcomed
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NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Do not get the Sony v700. It looks good.... but thats about it. If you want closed phones look at the Sony V6 (not V600) or Denon AHD-750. IMO, open phones will generally sound better than closed phones at the same price, so if you do not need closed phones I'd opt for some Grados or Senns.
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okay...scratch closed headphones...umm....are there any more recommendations?...are there any sennheisers that are any good?...thanks
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Well, you might as well go for the Grado SR125 at that price range...

Check in the forsale forum to see if you can pick up anything new, I know there are somethings in there still available, though I believe they need an amp.

Most Sennheisers need amplifiers so I wouldn't really try them unless you get an amp.
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They look cool, but...

Bad sound, too much bass, crappy bass, breakable plastic, priced way higher than they're worth. The first three parts of the preceding sentence says it all about the sound - the mid/upper-bass response is so overboosted (as in "too much crappy bass") that it overwhelms whatever mids and highs they deliver, and even with that overly boomy bass, there is surprisingly little low bass response to speak of. C'mon, Sony, about the "bass down to 5Hz" claim - 50Hz is more like it! I've heard deeper bass extension from much smaller, cheaper, open-air cans than from these poorly designed Sonys! Sure, people get suckered into the "bigger is better" philosophy (as in that "bigger drivers mean better bass" crap), which is obviously FALSE! The housings Sony had chosen for its DJ headphones are a pile of s*** (with their cheap, thin, breakable, flimsy plastic, I would expect excessive "ringing" resonances no matter what) - and then stuffing oversized 50mm drivers into those closed housings is the same as stuffing a 12-inch woofer into a small ported box (either will deliver severely overblown mid/upper-bass with no low bass)!
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Chych, the reason that I suggested the SR-80s over the SR-125s is that when I auditioned them, I heard little difference when compared to the SR-80s. A little more detail, but nothing special or immediately noticable. I felt that the next big jump in Grado sound came at the SR-225, and rather than spend $150 for the SR-125, I'd get more value getting the SR-80s at $95.
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I would reccomend the SR80's as well.
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Has anyone heard about the Music of Mininstry headphones?
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musicbum: So what kind of amplification are you using, then? Headphone jack on a portable/integrated amp/cd player? The beyerdynamic DT531 is open, quite comfy, below your price limit and fairly good - it would work on all aforesaid devices, but best on the integrated amp. So perhaps you might want to compare it to the Grado SR80, before you make a decision.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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I've heard of the Music of Ministry headphones, I saw them on sale on some site, but I don't know the first thing about them. One thing you should know about headphones - and any product, really, is that you can't trust the ad's. What I find with lots of electronics is that they overexaggerate everything. So just get a well-trusted brand with a good reputation, and don't assume that the sound is good just cause of the looks. Also, research and advice always helps a bunch. [You've come to the right place, buddy!
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Well, it looks like he's suggesting closed, bassy headphones, so, let's just give him GOOD stuff at what he's looking for...

Oh, musicbum, what specific types of music do you listen to? And, will you answer lini's question?
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First of all, you might call me a beginner in music hardware...I was always interested in music but never in the equipment I use...okay...with that out of the way....I don't know if this constitutes an amp but I will be using my headphones in a bookshelf system and on the computer...I want an all-around type headphone because I listen to all music from classical to rock and hip-hop...I am not biased on either the open or closed headphones...both are okay...Thanks
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Well, lessee here, I would think you might need something high efficiency, open, and accurate...

I would Suggest the Sennheiser HD495's, cause they're pretty balanced, and have great sound.
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