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Matrix mini-i + AKG K701

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Â*2010 Matrix mini-i 24/192 Balanced DAC Headphone AMP - eBay (item 160425040678 end time May-18-10 08:32:35 PDT)

Do you think it's powerful enough to drive the AKG K701s? I'm thinking about buying those once I get a little extra money.
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Yes, I just got this to try out and it is powerful enough to drive the K701s. It's a nice little unit and may satisfy most. It's primarily a DAC but the head amp on it is quite good as well. I did a few quick comparison (nothing intense, just a few tracks) with my GLite and I like the sound from my Glite a little (just a little) more but for $330ish for a dac/amp combo, I works well.
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How does this compare to the Yulong DAH 1?
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Sorry I have no idea, I've never heard the Yulong DAH1. The Matrix Mini-i is still fairly new so there won't be many comparisons yet. To me, it's a nice dac/amp unit. But I can see myself getting another amp down the road and just using it as a dac.
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Comparing the Matrix Mini-i to the Dr. DAC2 DX, which one do you guys prefer?


I'm looking for a DAC/Amp to use on my speakers and Ultrasone HFI-780 headphone and I'm currently considering both the Mini-i and the Dr DAC2 DX... I've been told that the Dr DAC2 gives a rather neutral sound to your headphone and the mini-i has a slight boost on the lower end, so considering the fact that I'm a basshead I would say the mini-i would be the better, but the fact that I'v read several times that the mini-i's amp is quite mediocre bothers me a bit and holds me from making a descision.


Could any1 perhaps give me some advice on this?


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