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B22 vs M3 for HD800

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I am new to full-size diy amplifier so please forgive me if I am asking something very stupid. Which amplifier between the B22 and M3 do you think will be best suited for the HD800 and why? I will be able to only build one due to my limited time and budget so please do not tell me to buy both.
Opinions, questions and comments are welcomed. thanks!
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Both are great amps, both are high end, the β22 is reference quality, the M^3 uses an opamp for voltage gain combined with a discrete MOSFET output stage, whilst β22 is an all-discrete design.

The AMB site explains everything you need to know:
The β22 Stereo Amplifier

I have owned a balanced M^3 and balanced β22, there is no “why”, the β22 clearly out performs the M^3.

I still think they are both beautiful designs and clearly perform better than most amps at their respected price points.
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You probably already know that the Beta's a better amp, and its transparent enough that synergy with the HD800 would likely depend more on the source than the amp itself.

I'll let others who're more experienced with the combo shed further insight...
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The B22 is a no-brainer.
The M3 is, and will always be a financial and sonic compromise.

You may as well ask:- "Which is the best to play chess with?
a) a chess set, or
b) a checkers set.
It's that plain.
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If the Beta 22 is so much better than the M^3, then it must be one amazing amp because the M^3 is very nice.

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I liked the Beta22 more, no matter the opamps I used, though you're right, the M^3 is no slouch.

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Totally different levels in terms of time and money required, so whichever fits your limited time and budget will be the right amp ;)

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I've got a kit for a Beta 22.  When summer comes, we're going to have a project.

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