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you could just get the wood cups + dampening not the overly expensive wire, wires make no difference.

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It seems a lot of members are just throwing things at you to buy.  After a certain price point headphones do not really sound "better" anymore. They just sound different. Spending so much money assuming that a more expensive headphone is better is rash. I do not like many expensive headphones that many claim to be superior to other cheaper headphones. I personally love the Ultrasone HFI 580 and PRO 550. They are practically entry level phones but I like them ALOT more than Edition 8 or Grado GS1000i. I feel AKG K701s are superior to Grado GS1000i. Diminishing returns is very much active in the headphone world. Personal preferences and psychology will also play a huge role.


Also, you have only had a D1000.  ANYTHING would sound way better than that IMO. D1000 is not a great headphone. Buying even D2000 would probably be enough of an upgrade for you and you may barely notice the difference between the D5000 to D7000 to LA7000.

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Hmm, for some reason my previous post didn't print out. 


I say buy everything right now and enjoy it.  After that maybe you'll come to the realization that you could have better spent your money on other things.  At least that's what happened to me and then the for sale forum because my best friend.


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