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I found it really easy to shorten the cable. I like the short cable much better for the way I use the headphones and it’s much lighter than a coiled cable.



First take of the earpad on the left side and take out the four screws under it. When they're out you can pull the two halves of the earcup apart and rotate the driver to the side like earfonia showed. Next write down what order the colored wires are in on the circuit board (or look at earfonia's pic) and unsolder those three wires from the board. Unwind the thick black cable from around those two posts in the earcup so you can pull the cable out through the strain relief in the ear cup and cut straight though the cable at whatever length you want. I use mine at my desk as well as portably so I cut mine at about 4.5’ from tip to cut. The cable hangs down almost to my ankle though so 3.5’ would probably be a good length for pockets or even shorter. Maybe try taping the cable to the side of the headphones and using them so you can see what the perfect length would be, make sure you leave 10cm extra for the part that goes into the headphones if you do it this way. Once you have it cut you need to strip about 5cm of the black plastic cover off the end and leave the insulation on the three smaller cables inside intact. Then you need to strip of about 5mm of the colored insulation from the ends of each of the colored cables, leaving the copper wire ready for soldering. Put the cable back through the strain relief and solder it to the circuit board in the correct order. Wrap the cable back around the posts and put it all back together. It's really simple.




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Originally Posted by earfonia View Post


For example, I re-cabled my Superlux HD669 to be balanced with detachable cable.  I use common mini jack near the headphone drivers.  I made 2 balanced cables for it, the White one is Canare L-4E6S, and the black one is Mogami Neglex 2534, they are both Star Quad cables.  I'm in the process of comparing both cables, the know the sound characteristic of both cables.  Maybe I should start a new thread for this one :)



Tested with my DIY, 'almost finished', Pseudo Balanced Amplifier bigsmile_face.gif  While comparing with ATH-M50 and Shure SRH750-DJ

Would love to hear your impressions of the 669, especially when compared to the M50. Is there a thread somewhere?


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Originally Posted by grubyhalo View Post

Would love to hear your impressions of the 669, especially when compared to the M50. Is there a thread somewhere?


Sorry I forgot whether I've post a thread for it or not :)  Oh my, look like I suffer from short memory syndrome :)


Well short impression for Superlux HD669 compared to M50, they are the opposite :D

While M50 has good bass, and full bodied midrange, HD669 has V shape tonal balance, very nice big and tight bass, recessed mid, with bright treble (sometime too bright for me).  Detail and Imaging of HD669 is very good.  That's what I like from HD669, the Bass and the Detail and Imaging.  Not cans of choice for vocal, but helps a lot for muddy old recording, or piano recording that sometime has too much midrange.  HD669 also very good as a movie headphones, but wearing it too long makes me sweat :)


For Bass, I prefer HD669 over M50.  For midrange and treble, I prefer M50.  For detail and imaging, Hd669 wins :)


Hope it helps :)

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It sure does help! Thanks so much for your time and impression.

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I was interested in rewiring my m50 but i want to keep it simple. Where can i get the exact type of cable for it like with all five things ^^, and can u take a picture of how the inside of the wire looks like just cut it half way on the normal chord. 

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Here is the cable I use for my M50, the Canare L-4E5C, the blue one, and how the wires inside look like, along with other Star Quad cables I often use for DIY:









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For everyone who is interested:

i have got some spare metres of canare l4e5c lying around.
pm me to get some of it.

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Hello there, Lovely informations here!


i am planing to buy an ath m50!

Is there any cable like canary that would be good against microphonics too? Also has any effect the cable length  on the sound overall?

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Sorry very late reply :)


If what you mean by mircophonic is physical cable noise when it rubbed onto something, like when we use IEM, I don't have that problem with M50 and most of the big headphones.  In my opinion, it is mostly depend on the termination of the cable to the headphone.  If there is a bit of 'suspension' or a kind of 'shock reduction' maybe like a thick rubber grommet, to isolate the cable to be in contact directly to the headphone cup, it would reduce a lot of cable noise.

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Did this to my M50's I bought with the right side not working.  Come to find out the right driver is bad, ordering one from AudioTechnica will update when I get the driver in.


Thanks so much for this thread, helped me out a ton in doing my own re-wire.

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