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AKG K701 for gaming?

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Hi everyone, this is officially my first post on Head-Fi, which is awesome for me because I've been reading for years.

My headphone usage is almost 100% for PC gaming (I hate the 5.1 headsets, so don't worry). I've been through quite a few audiophile headphones, so I'm not a complete newb. Over the years I've own the Senns hd595, the Denon D2k, and I'm currently a happy owner of the Beyer Dynamic 770pro.

As you can see, I've steadily climbed into heavier bass in my headphones. The Denons were great, but I definitely prefer the punch of the Beyers, as well as the sound overall, though it's not a monumental difference from the D2k's. Also, I'm a fan of the velour earpads, and comfort is a top priority. Sidenote: I have a huge head. Really.

Anyway, now I have a new temptation, the AKG k701 (or k702's). Reason being is that I'd like to experiment with an open back headphone again, and since I'm into gaming, I've really wanted a set of cans with a huge soundstage to fully immerse me into the 3d environments. However, I don't want to completely lose bass.

I've read up a lot now and as far as sound stage these seem to take the gold, but bass is more hit and miss. So, I'm wondering how the AKGs, combined with a Little Dot MK2 amp would shape up? I've read that with the right tubes, the punch comes through on the AKGs.

I don't mind sacrificing a little bass, since admittedly the Beyer 770pro can get a little bloated. I just want the punch to be there when it's supposed to be, and I want to avoid the "empty" feel that I felt the Senns had. IMO the Senns sounded great, but they didn't have the richness/warmth that I crave, let alone the punch.

Last of all, I've got the Auzentech x-fi forte, which has a built in amp (though a cheap one I'm sure). Is it still worth it to get the Little Dot MK2?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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The Audio Technica AD700 are supposed to be excellent headphones for gaming from what I've read, I haven't heard anything about the K701's in terms of how good they are for gaming though.
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the beyerdynamic DT880 would be better for gaming or well, even a STAX setup!
I'm sure eardmg and kool_bubba_Ice would chip iin in this thread as well.
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I had the K702 and from first hand experience, they're not that great for gaming. They aren't really designed for the type of sound you experience in games. I would go with the HD595 from Sennheiser, the Beyerdynamic DT880 pro, or Denon AH-D2000.

But if you want to take it to the next level, I would go with the HD650.
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Do you game with or without virtual surround emulation?

I ask because I can't play without surround emulation (its an absolute MUST for me).

It's funny, OP sounds like me right about now. I have recently owned quite a few good cans for gaming, but I'm incredibly curious about the K701 for gaming purposes.

BTW, the DT880s are AWESOME for gaming. They even have bass impact, though not as much as the DT770 Pro (also my current fave headphone overall).

Gaming with the DT770 Pro is fun, ain't it? Lol. Seriously though, the DT880 is worthier for gaming purposes.

The AD700s will leave you wanting a LOT more in the bass department. Though the soundstage is legendary.
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In my limited experience (some FFXIII with the K701), I don't see any special reason to go with the K701 over a cheaper, big soundstage phone with good directional audio.
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I use my K701 for music... if you have to wear a headset for hours and hours of gaming then the 701 may get a bit uncomfortable...
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Thanks everyone. I guess it's not looking good for the AKG. Hmm.
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I've looked into the Audio Technica and doubt they'd have the bass I'd want. I also hesitate with Sennheiser simply because i wasn't crazy about the hd595's, mainly for lack of warmth.

To Mad Lust Envy, yep, I play with virtual surround CMSS with my x-fi, especially good for increased soundstage and depth. So, what is the big difference between the Beyer 880 pro and the 770? Just the soundstage? I like my beyers but I am getting some discomfort from the top of the headband. I'm guessing the 880s are constructed the same way? I'm not entirely crazy about the soundstage with the 770pro. Seems a little closed in, which I guess is to be expected of closed cans.

I's be up for the Senn 650s if that's an option. Basically I'm looking for wide sound stage (as wide as possible and with accurate 3d positioning) but good warm bass...which most likely eliminates many of the cans with good sound stage :/ Any Amp/Cans combo to get this end result is an option as well (as long as the amp is under $200).

Let me know what people think about the Senns 650 for gaming if possible (and dont forget that I like bass . Also, do they have the head clamping common with Senns?

Thanks again.
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I owned a 701 and liked it very much, but the bass needs the right amp. This is a phone that stands out for its comfort (velour pads, even weight distribution), spaciousness and decent detail (There are more detailed cans out there but given the 701's street price, it's a pretty sweet deal). It's not known for its bass. AKG has a reputation for producing open cans with minimal filtering. The K-1000 is legendary. The 701's predecessors seem like scaled attempts to balance the company's best strengths (soundstage and transparency) against the obvious market draw of thump, thump, thump. I liked the bass on the 701 in the sense that it was tight and quick, a cleaner bass overall. I wouldn't say the 701 could hold a candle against the big thumpers, especially the turtle shells.

There seems to be this big divide, with bass thump on one side and transparency on the other. Many of the better cans try to split the difference. If you're looking for decent detail on the cheap, the 701 may be fine. But if you're looking for things to "blow up real good," you're going to be disappointed with the 701, that is, unless you have the right amp.
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The top of the headband where your head rests looks kinda the same on the DT770 Pro and DT880, but I assure you, they are NOT. The DT880 is definitely easier and comfier on the head, though I like the stronger clamp on the DT770 Pros. Im at least talking about Premium DT880s. Dont know anything of Pro 880s, if there even is such a thing.
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Another vote to decent Sennheisers for gaming - I only had an HD555 + Auzentech Prelude but I absolutely loved it - I can't imagine the immersion in Crysis would be nearly the same if I had lesser audio quality. Every moment I'd be trying to hear the chit chat of the hostile Koreans, trying to pinpoint the locations of nearby helicopters, and reeling from nearby explosions and being amazed and brushes with near-certain death.

Just don't forget a decent GPU to go with it - though the current condition of the market is rather undesirable.
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Why why why?

Just grab some easy to drive headphones like the AD700 and be done with it. I don't understand why people suggest that higher end headphones are better when I find it really doesn't matter.

~ css pub player.
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I used to be a very competitive gamer. Long story short the AD700 'ruined'it for me along with my X-Fi Elite Pro because every game I played, I won by a lot of kills and was accused of hacking, thus banned. Anyway, the AD700 are the way to go I reckon. Most people say the DT880 are better than the K701 for gaming, and I have compared AD700 to DT880 600ohm for gaming and the AD700 win it hands down. Less involving (bad for SP games), but the soundstage is so much better! Much more accurate with CMSS-3D on than my DT880.
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I would have been happy with just the AD700s, but the light bass, and terrible fit made me want more. Overall though, the AD700s are the easiest and safest choice.
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