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We should just start off with the small issue of there is no such thing as burn in, my KGSSHV still sounds exactly the same as the first time I powered it on two years ago.  This is true of all the amps I've built (and there are quite a few of them) plus what on earth should change at 250 hours?  The capacitors finally working as they should after 45 million charging cycles?  This is just ludicrous...  I also have a hard time believing any manufacturer would ship out any product that hasn't been run for at least 100 hours and gone through many thermal cycles. 


As for stock tubes, same thing applies to the BHSE and the SRM-007t so how can that be a factor? 

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By stock tubes, I mean the less expensive tubes that Woo offers, as opposed to the optional tubes. I don't think there should be "optional" tubes, but I'm not running Woo.

I have never heard of a manufacturer running in their devices. I'm sure Woo doesn't, and I know PS Audio doesn't. I have one of their DACs and power regenerators there is an explicit burn in time requirement - for the customer to do.

As to why Woo sent a brand new amp for a review, I agree that was dumb.

Even these so called "respected" reviews are a joke. The only way to tell is to compare with your own ears. That's why I've ordered a BHSE. I may just keep both... I do like the WES.

BTW, Jack Woo says he will post a rebuttal comment to yours, Spritzer. I am not taking sides, just being the messenger.
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All companies with any sense run their equipment before shipping them out.  It's the only way to make sure there is no infant mortality rate as if even with all components tested at the factory they can still fail prematurely.  This of course assumes the companies don't like angry customers and endless warranty mess...  Even companies with manufacturing in the far east run each and every component at their main offices before sending them off to the dealers just to make sure it all works.  Primare are a good example of this. 


Then we have companies such as Krell, Accuphase etc. that test each and every component to meet a minimum standard or it doesn't get out of the door.  That is also why the HD800 FR graph is available from Sennheiser, each set is measured against a reference and if it doesn't match then it is scrapped. 


I for one couldn't care less what Jack has to say for himself.  I've told him in private what he needs to do, build better equipment and stand by his products.  He then just called my naive... 

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N/m... such a waste of time

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