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ebay cmoy kit, need recs for dt770 80ohm

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this will be the first amp i will ever build and I want to drive my DT770 80 ohm headphones.

I am going to buy this kit:
V2 Portable Hi-Fi Stereo Amp CMOY Headphone Amplifier - eBay (item 230464848751 end time May-20-10 18:04:13 PDT)

so I was wondering if I should be fine with that kit to drive my DT770 80ohm or do i need another opamp or something. I am quite noob and don't really know all the functions of the parts but I will learn soon as I am making this for a physics project.

I want to get the bass powered up on the beyers and an opamp that would help?

another thread suggested rail-rail voltage swing?

in short, are those stock parts fine or should i get different certain parts? please say what ill be swapping out and thanks in advance.
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If you want to boost bass, try here: JDS Labs - Do it Yourself Bass Boost cMoy Guide
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+1 for the CmoyBB from JDS labs. I have one and it definitely bumps the bass. Not as convenient as an eBay kit, though.
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alright, the cmoybb will be my next project, but wondering if can suggest anything different for the ebay kit. wouldnt the 18v help me reach max potential of the dt770?

thanks for your guys responses
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nothing much unless you watn to build a desk amp.
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Another +1 for the cmoybb. I couldn't be happier with mine. JDS sells the board and has a well itemized BOM.
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I'v got this kit (two as they accedently sent a 2nd one a week later ^^) its ok for a practice project and it powers my AD700's better than the cmoybb which i also have but i'd recomend the cmoybb over it anytime as the ebay kit is a very tight fit into a mint tin and the battery leads have to be soldered to the legs of the caps which looks very messy as there are no holes on the board for them. and the cmoybb sounds much better.

but like i said its a good practice project untill you get something better.(i'm just about to make a start on my mini^3 now that Customs have finished inspecting it and charging me £20 ><)
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i love my CmoyBB. i just picked up a pair of ath-es7 and they sound really bad when plugged straight into an ipod, but this thing makes them shine. dont know about the dt770s though, thats exactly what im trying to find out.
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+1 for the cMoyBB. I liked it so much that I built two of them. The first one AC coupled with a bass boost switch. The second one DC coupled and with a bass boost pot.

I finished my Mini3 friday. It's awesome!
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