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FS: 160gb iPod Classic (AUS)(WORLDWIDE)

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Hi Guys

I've got an First generation 160gb iPod Classic that i havent used in a long long long time and come to think about it, i never really used it much in the first place.

It's in outstanding condition for its age. It's been stored in an Agent18 hardcase (included) since day one and it has kept the rear chrome almost sctratch free. Please be aware that the first gen 160gb is a little thicker.

there is also no scratches on the screen or front aluminium.

The case comes with a special universal dock adaptor that allows you to use the iPod in docks/speakers etc. while still remaining protected.

also available is an official remote dock and component 480p video cables.

This is located in Melbourne, Australia and i will ship world wide via registered post.

Im hoping to find the box this weekend but note that there is a small, small possibility that i don't have it anymore as i moved house.

Im open to offers or possible trades for other sources.

any questions please PM me

Thanks guys

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bump please
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Interested. How much to Oregon usa?
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