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Audinst HUD MX1 w/ K702?

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Yes, another one of those threads.

Anyways, will this:

Audinst HUD-mx1 Hi-Fi USB Audio DAC - eBay (item 170473708156 end time May-15-10 20:55:52 PDT)

DAC/AMP drive the K702's? I'm considering saving up for those two, but I don't know if the Audinst will drive the K702. I need a DAC, as the soundcard in the computer I'm using causes hissing but don't have enough money for a DAC and amp separately.

Should I bother getting the K702's or should I get something easier to drive for around the same price?
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Nevermind, found the answer after some more researching
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Just in case you need it: the K701/2 is not easy to amp right, relatively low impedance or not. Denon Dx000, Sennheiser HD5x5, and Audio Technicas in general aren't as picky.
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It would be nice to hear your take on the research you've done....


FWIW, I've got both and the MX1 drives my K702's adequately.

It will push them to a SPL of ~100dB. Nice highs, so-so lows.

Decent soundstage & clarity. Could use more headroom though.

The Audinst also is a good travel DAC/amp.

Very small and lightweight, hooks up to my laptop (power and data via USB)

it cranks the AKG's, whereas the the phone jack on the laptop is almost worthless. 

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