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As there is no thread for WayTooCrazy's feedback, so I'll start one with pleasure.
Recently bought AKG K240S from him, together with modded cable and Mic as a package. Communication from beginning until transaction done is very good.
Once the package arrived, I figured out that the modded cable is somehow behaving like crazy;sometimes it works and the other times it just die. Also in the package I didn't find any Mic as promised. Luckily the stock cable works perfectly.
Feeling kind of cheated, I did PM him stating the incident. He replied in no time, and apologize on both issue; he did check the modded cable before sending it off, and he felt very sorry to overlook the Mic in that very package.
To my relieved, he promised to do one more modded cable, and will resend the Mic altogether once he done, and he also let me keep the initial problematic cable.
I already received the new cable and mic, and both works flawlessly.
Will definitely deal again with him, considering the good workmanship, and also the way he attend to the matter, especially when I am staying in Malaysia, super far away from his place, Connecticut.
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Recently purchased ATH-AD700s from WayTooCrazy. It too was packaged with modded cable and mic. Fast shipping, excellent communication. Headphones are amazing, the professional level of modding is astounding, far better in person than I could have imagined. Quality workmanship, would purchase from him again in a heart beat.

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I bought his recabled Sennheiser HD428. Thanks man...

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I asked for a 4pin to 1/4 cable.. He was very thorough to ensure everything would work out by testing the 4pin connectors. I also sent in my other 4pin to 1/4 cable, which he fixed for free..(Class act.) This would mean nothing if his work were shoddy.. Thankfully he brings the same professionalism you would find in a blue jean cable. Quality & build are of excellent quality..Maybe slightly below the likes of Moon audio or APS..  But he is still getting his feet wet so to speak, & audio reproduction is flawless.. He is very nonchalant & very willing for request. I asked for a futurtech plug & he ordered it for me. He is also very responsive to email & has a passion for what he does.. Price to performance compared to the better known 3rd cable makers is very high. I feel I got a steal of a deal from him. I will do business with him again, & encourage others to do so.. Why not help out a fellow head fier  especially when they  sincerely deserve it. A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Sold WayTooCrazy my AKG 702's. Transaction was quick and easy.

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