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Highly upgraded Bottlehead S.E.X. amp = AWESOME!

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I just took possession of a very fine amp, built by the Doc himself! Upgraded later by a friend of the seller's...I can't believe I now own an amp with the word 'sex' in it's name, LOL

I've listened to numerous amps with my much loved HF-2s but I've always been looking for the 'perfect' amp. Maybe there's no such thing. Maybe there is! But I'm sure what you really want to know is why this amp is so special. Heck, I don't even understand what all these upgrades mean for SQ, but man, it's sounds awesome so far!

The inside of the amp has been coating with AVM fluid (antivibrationmagic.ca), it now has a stepped attenuator (SO nice!), Music CAPS, and a C4S board upgrade.

I only had a brief listen to the S.E.X. last night, and I'll post more impressions as the listening continues. So far, I can safely say the S.E.X. isn't like any tube amp I've ever heard: it's actually very punchy and neutral sounding. Not overly warm or lush, which I actually really like! Sounds great so far with rock.

More to come later; pics too
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Beside impression, pics of the up-grades, please. I recently interested in their new 'Crack' headphone amp, I will try it out sometimes later when they have stable availability and it's cheap too.
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Why don't you visit their forum via: Bottlehead.com
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Anyone have impression of this amp with T1? 

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@ punkeroo , looking forward to more impressions of the S.E.X once you have spent some more time with it.

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Does anyone has comparison with DV337?

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