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That looks like what a game streamer would set up his computer desk as.


Never stream a day in my life. I have all the equips so might as well put them to good use.  I have a few tablets so having this one somewhere on the desk help me keep it charged, in a convenient place for me to use it and I can easily take it with me when I move to the sofa.  Find it easier than using my laptop for many tasks.


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isnt the shimian monitor amazing??? Ive been freaking loving mine ever since i got it a couple months ago


Absolutely!  The screen is just beautiful and the extra real estate over my 24" is so worth it..  Excellent price/performance ratio.  Was thinking of getting a Dell 27 or maybe even a 30 but for less than 1/3 of their price, I am very very happy with them.

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I'm rocking an original Logitech G15 I picked up on craigslist a while ago. I've heard reports of people saying it's got reliability issues, such as with letters rubbing off, but I've never had any of it. When I first got it the backlight used to flicker a bit once in a while but I haven't had that happen in a while. I don't really use it for gaming, but I like the fact I can use it to find keys in the dark with the backlight.

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TERA online on Head-Fi... Hmm.


As much as I wanted alternative keys for my Steelseries, it seems that none are available.

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some guy used keys from wasdkeyboards for his steelseries 6gv2 keyboard if that's what you have.

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Sadly my keyboard is UK layout with a strange Enter key. =/

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Why end might ask civil again spoil.

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ThinkPad keyboards ftw.

T42>T61>T410 (best yet)


Plus, red trackpoint is da bomb!

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Mechanical or nothing. I own three and made this guide not too long ago.

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teamliquider hi!


I own a das, brown switches. Nothing special like custom caps or anything...just a pleasant keyboard.

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MIne too! This is the iOne XArmor u9bl-s with cherry brown keys, with 4 level backlit keys and audio/usb pass through.

Bought it need a bit diy at the ps/2 which explains the red heatshrink.  Yea there's definitely no going back :D


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Finally scored a Filco tenkeyless with blue cherry switches (the clicky type).  Amazon was out of stock for a long time, but there seems to be a full restock now.  After using it for a few days, I think I like the clicky switches better than the "tactile" brown cherry switches on my other keyboard.  I definitely and without a doubt prefer the compact size of the tenkeyless version.

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I love the look of the tenkeyless, but as a physics student, I do a lot of number entry. I'm considering picking up a cheaper mechanical keyboard, not for gaming but for typing (i write in my spare time), but I can't decide between browns, blues, or blacks

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^ if you are writing a lot, blacks may be too stiff.  Are you in the US?  If so, do you live near a Fry's Electronics?  If so, you might be able to try out some keyboards with blue, black, and red switches.  The last time I went there, they had all of those to try out.


I type all day at work, and the browns are great.  It's too early to tell whether I like blues more or less, but both seem to do just fine for typing.  The blues are significantly louder than the browns if that makes any difference to you.


I will most likely be selling my full size WASD keyboard with brown switches (see my previous posts in this thread).  If you are interested, shoot me a PM.

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im thinking about getting the KBT race, but i want  to get custom keycaps. Anyone know if WASD keycaps are work with the backlight, and the sorta weird configuration of the RACE ?

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Loving my new filco cool.gif

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