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Slight update from my last post.


I have been using solely the hhkb -  My pok3r (mx blues) was returned due to it having a warped base.
Recently purchased a realforce 55g and really enjoying the heavier keys. 


Also bought some raising desk legs which helps with posture and stretching my legs during long work/study stretches at my desk. This was a substantial investment but I should have done it sooner. My typing position is so much more comfortable having the desk level at the appropriate level (I'm not the tallest person, so most desks tended to rest a bit high for typing comfortably). No more need for the keyboard tray.

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Here's my CM Storm QFR with MX Brown switches and blank Vortex PBT caps from Massdrop!




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Just picked up an HHKB in Japan, great to type on. Have a Leopold FC 660M with me here at college with browns. Got a Poker II with clears, an IBM Model M, CM Storm Quickfire with Greens , Ducky Mini YOTH edition, and god knows how many different keycap sets at home...


Yeah I sound like an addict.

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Just bought a new monitor, which necessitated a change of keyboards. I need smaller keyboards, I already have KBP Pure Pro with green LED (MX Green) for my other rig (FX8350) but needed to replace the TKL I was using for my main rig (3960X). Rummaged thru my keyboard collection and came up with a KB Paradise KBP V6000 MX White (blue LED, can switch to red as well).  Now, at the very least, I have a little more space on my table, though I suspect I'd be in the market for a bigger desk pretty soon. 

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Nothing fancy in my possession, however I like to rotate between these models depending on my and my fingers' mood (no gaming, only typing; not sorted in any particular order):


  • Cherry MX-Board 3.0 (Cherry MX Blue)
  • Cherry MX-Board 3.0 (Cherry MX Brown)
  • Logitech G710+ (Cherry MX Brown with stock damper rings)
  • VicTsing Rubber Dome keyboard with RGB illumination (quite good for a rubber dome keyboard with a slightly off layout of some buttons)
  • VicTsing 60% Mechanical Keyboard (metal chassis, very loud and clicky Blue Outemu Switches)
  • Cherry Strait Black (nice firm buttons but really small actuation range, rather cheap build quality and doesn't last very long)
  • Kensington Advance Fit (rather soft but still precise scissor switches with good actuation range, but looks a bit plasticky while it is actually quite well built; gets spongy over time just as most rubber dome keyboards)


I think this was it. I'm thinking of getting the MX-Board 3.0 with MX Black switches, too.


And as I know that many people love threads with pictures, here is some keyboard-p:smile:rn (yes, I know that not all of the ones I mentioned are pictured):








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I have been using this keyboard for year and half I guess.. Filco Majestouch 2 TKL (mx reds) w/ PBT doubleshot keycaps ..quite happy with it.


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Ducky.  I finally broke down and purchased one.  I won't own anything else...

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3 years later and the original DSA Hyperfuse is still my favourite set to use, I wish I loved my Pok3r as much as I love my HHKB but it's just not the same.

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Originally Posted by Vigrith View Post


3 years later and the original DSA Hyperfuse is still my favourite set to use, I wish I loved my Pok3r as much as I love my HHKB but it's just not the same.



That looks really sharp.

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I just recently damped my MX Board 3.0's MX Brown switches. I'm not sure whether or not I fully like the new feeling when typing. The feeling with the damped Logitech G710+ MX Brown switches is kind of better (but the undamped MX Board feels better than the undamped G710+) - but it's kind of stupid to have such a giant gaming keyboard on my desk for typing only.

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Hola, my buddy and I designed this KB. Known as the Q30 since it is a 30% board.

Below is the prototype

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Newest addition:


An inexpensive EasySMX board with illuminated keys (every switch has got its dedicated LED) and really good vibration dampening of the entire board. Equipped with blue Outemu switches. I'm no gamer but surprisingly like the multi-coloured key illumination quite a lot.








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Feel free to read my HyperX Alloy FPS Review @ Thanks.



HyperX Alloy FPS surely is the must have mechanical gaming keyboard for FPS gameplay. Period. Fast response and great clicky experience with Cherry MX Blue Switches. Don’t forget the textured AWSD keys too. Mesh travel pouch to ease carrying around for LAN party. And come with 2 years warranty.

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Once I tried a mechanical gaming keyboard, I never looked back. I am currently using a Razer Blackwidow X Chroma with Razer greens and they are okay. I would like to buy another mechanical gaming keyboard with the Topre switches in the future. Just waiting for them to drop down in price.

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Mechanical keyboards are the only way to go. I recently built a plank as my first custom board.
I'm not really a fan of the Ortholinear non staggered rows so I've gone back to using my Logitech g710+. Eventually I'll build a custom 60% or compact full sized keyboard
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