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They don't feel much better than ABS does. 


You should be looking at keycap profile and thickness for differences in keycap feel. 


I would recommend the Novatouch first and getting a better keycap set when you can afford it.

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Using a CM Storm Quickfire (forgot which model) with MX Blues but I have an Ergodox on the way, also with MX Blues.

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I use a Corsair K70 RGB with Cherry MX Brown switches.


It is a nice hybrid for me, with good typing ability and a really comfortable key size and wrist rest. Additionally it can be 100% reprogrammed and offers many profiles you can make and tie to specific programs - so your keybinds and macros can change based on what you're doing. In addition to that its backlit and that backlight can be totally customized as well. It works well for productivity and gaming, which is what I need really.

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I'm using the Realforce 87U All-45g "EK Edition".

Personally I feel that it's awesome for typing, but not for gaming.

For gaming I think I would still prefer MX switches.

It's small and portable so I'm able to bring it anywhere I go.

Currently sourcing for pink and blue keycaps for it. :D


I'm also using a Genovation ControlPad 683-U programmable keypad.

Programmed it from F13 to F24, Ctrl-F13 to Ctrl-F24, Alt-F13 to Alt-F24 and Shift-F13 to Shift-F24.

Then I use AutoHotKey to assign all my shortcuts. :D


Typing in QWERTY but I'm thinking of switching to programmer's DVORAK. :D

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