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I just bought a CM Quickfire TK with MX Green switches. The Green switches are not very good for double tapping, but they're the best typing switches I've used, right up there with the Model M, though I think the Model M has longer switch throws. Definitely heavier than MX Blues, which is exactly what I wanted! Also, the keyboard is very compact, fits right above my Asus G51 laptop's keyboard. The backlight is atomically bright at full tilt. I love the combo number pad and key pad... that's the real star of the keyboard. Super thick, high quality feeling USB cable.


The only real problem I have with it is that there are some drivers that need to be installed before the keyboard is usable, which is somewhat annoying if you're using public computers and this keyboard.

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What's the deal with MX Clears being such a pain to get? I had to order my keyboard all the way from USA to get my hands on those.



I have no idea, I had the same problem. When I decided to build myself an ergodox the problem went away though =)
Edit: Ordered from the US ofc...
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