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Buying a kukri / Kukri-Fi

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How weird this place maybe to ask for such a tool, since the people here are into all sorts of things, hobbies, lifestyles and what not i am trying it anyway

I like the outdoors. Camping, hobby/amateur foresting.
My small Buck camp axe is a nice tool and love my Buck folder. I want something different to complement them. A kukri seems like a nice addition.

I know Cold Steel has a verry affordable one and it looks decent, however it feels they are over-marketing some their gear.
Kukri Machetes : Fixed Blade (Cold Steel Knives)

Another one i came across is Bearclaw Bushcraft
More traditional shaped and looks a more solid buy, for a higher price that is.

The CS one is just over €20 and the Bearclaw SurvivALL is more than twice that at 50 pounds.

Anyone with experiences/recommendations, feel free!
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Himalayan Imports.

Also the Kershaw Outcast has gotten superb reviews
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The HI kuks look very good but are outside my budget.
The outcast is promising indeed but almost twice as expensive as the Bearclaw kuks, which are actualy Nepalese imports.

Another one i found is the Smith and Wesson Bush Hog but havent seen much reviews or other constructive info about them
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Do you notice the improved critical threat range when weilding a kukri as opposed to a dagger or kama?
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I'd really suggest you join a more knife-oriented forum for better discussion.

Try BladeForums.com or JerzeeDevil Forums

I'm a member of both and highly recommend them. You'll get a LOT more input.
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There's a market for this in Africa for chop chop hands.
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Just ordered this baby. Made in Nepal, Sirupate style blade, Buffalo horn handle. 70 bucks shipped and should take about a week

British Army Ghurka Kukri
Even comes with a free wooden stand

Can't to try it
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