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It probably buffers it anyway.

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i don't have the j3 but i do have the s9 if they're anything alike... the slow write speed is due to the firmware.. it tries to keep files randomy spread about the flash memory so no section gets written over more than another to keep the flash memory lasting longer. so when copying files over to the s9 it's quite slow compared to everything else because of that.

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Something weird happened with my J3. I was listening to a song, but I went over to the videos folder and find that there are multiple copies of that song (an mp3 file) in that folder. Suddenly it freezes and there's a bunch of pink covering the top half of the screen. My computer won't recognize it as a USB device and hitting the reset button does nothing. Do I just have to wait it out?


Edit: Okay, it looks like the reset button suddenly felt like working. Maybe I just didn't push down on it hard enough last time.

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seems like you had a database error prior to the freezing.

I suggest you go to System and Settings and perform a Database Update.


I remember this bug back on the d2 when i added new music, but i have not experienced it on the j3

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The database update didn't fix it. After I did that, I checked the videos section again and sure enough, there were eleventy billion compies of one of my playlist files that I created with winamp. Not sure if this is a known issue or not...

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I noticed the battery discussion, and there has been ample research done with lithium batteries. The ideal draining pattern will have you going to 40% and then recharging. You can occasionally take it to maybe 10% to recondition, but this is a once a month or more kind of thing. 


Also, if you plan to not use the device for a longer period of time, you are better off draining it to 40%. Then leave it. If I remember correctly a properly maintained battery will only lose in the 7% range of max power in a given year compared to over 20% if you consistently drain it to 0%. 


This is not J3 specific, so it is worth doing this for all lithium based devices. 

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seanowns, from what I have read and understand about modern LiPos you are correct.

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I've read countless threads and done tons of searches for various terms, but I've yet to find a definitive answer as to what the various JetEffect 3.0 & BBE+ setting are actually doing.  For example, ViVA & ViVA2 or the different BBE seetings (aside from the BBE MP).  Can anyone point me to a link/site/article that describes their uses and effects in detail? 


I also know there's that thread on the other site that folks have listed their custom EQ settings, but do we have one here (I couldn't find one).  I'd be interested to know what settings anyone with my equipment use, and to what end (ie: "I use this with SM3's for metal", or "I like a laid back and wide soundstage with my ESW9's, so...").


Anyway, I'm really loving my J3, except the fact that the damn reset button and mic are similar size and right next to each other...my eyes aren't the sharpest anymore, and I needed to do a reset the other night and ended up stabbing the now useless mic, lol.  Not a big deal, but that's one feature down the drain. redface.gif

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Not really in-depth, but still: http://www.bbesound.com/technologies/index.htm

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I've had my J3 for two months now and its only frozen on me once, and even that was because i was using a custom UI which had a bug in it

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Thanks for the links guys.  So, ViVA is a soundstage widenening effect that focuses the center channel, so I assume that's good for video/movie playback?  I'm assuming ViVA2 is just an increase in the effect, and not a different effect altogether?  What about BBE Headphone, 2, & 3?  To my ears they do different things, and not just more or less of whatever it is it's doing.


Some of the effects are weird, like Feel The Wind and Crystal Clear...they are neat exercises in playing around with sound, but I'd never listen to music that way.  Most of them I just don't use, and the custom EQ has so much variability that I haven't even started playing with them.  I pretty much just try to find a setting based on the music and phones that gives me a natural or "fun" sound depending on the mood, so I just stick to any of the BBE's. 

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I haven't really used any of the presets since first getting the J3. I have 2 user settings where one was for more my RE-Zero and similar bass response earphones where I used some settings and the EQ and the other for my Livewire Trips where I just added some of the settings and left EQ alone.


For the presets most of them on the first page or two weren't bad but those towards the end do make a nice effect but nothing I would want to listen to such as all those at the end with reverb of some kind.

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What earphones or in-ears should be used with this? I'm really thinking of getting one since my iriver E30's 8GB's clearly didn't suffice and I want something much more juicy. My initial thoughts were heading down the thin, light Sansa-path, but I think I've turned around now. In general I don't have much experience with sound though I'm thinking of getting more expensive stuff for my PC later(I currently have a pair of Goldring DR150's with a nonamer-soundcard).


I'm not the one paying the J3 though, so I don't really mind it being expensive. But since the player's expensive, is it a must to have expensive headphones/in-ears, at least if you don't have an amp? 'Cause from what I've gathered you won't need and amp for the J3 even if you have more expensive phones.


If so, what's recommended? My experience consists of CX-300 and Denon's AH-C360 and Goldring DR150's at the PC, so I can't say I've had something really expensive.


Or is the J3 just too much for a rookie like me, should one maybe start with the Sansa Fuze?

Although Fuze and J3 seem to have the good sound quality in common, the J3 clearly has the superior EQ here with the BBE and all that. But I can't say I prevailed the E30's EQ, and it was a really simple one. After each resetting I'd always change it a couple of days or weeks later, so I'm really worried what I'll do to my J3 once I start to mess with the BBE/whatever.

On the other hand, this opportunity seems to be one of the very big reasons to get the player, and that's probably why I'm unsure...

Also I doubt I'll have use of all the features. But from another point of view I could start to use the features instead of ignoring them just because I haven't used them before.

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The BBE settings are really easy to use, the equalizer is a bit of a hassle (which is mostly due to the huge amount of adjustable settings) and is propably intended for people that like to actively fiddle around with the sound. There's no point in thinking that you must have an expensive setup to make the J3 a nice player, though one can argue that a sansa clip with expensive headphones gives better sq then a J3 with cheap headphones. But since you're not the one paying for the J3 I don't see a point in thinking it's only for people with high end set ups. The BBE+ effects will propably be noticable on any type of headphone (although i've only tried it with my Er6i and HD25).

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