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How do YOU clean your ears? - Page 4

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Vote for Food Grade Mineral Oil and Q-Tip cotton swabs

So,they have Wooden Cotton Swabs at CVS if you are in the USA (made in Canada eh):

Sold here too:

And-just wow,hardcore stylin'-check this quote from The Answer Bag:

i paid a lot for the hard to find wooden beauties and used to stockpile them, but now i think i have a much simpler and cheaper solution.... cut the plastic versions in half and slide in the hollow tube something to make it rigid. something of course with a blunt end that won't go thru the cotton tip. i am using a 2mm L shaped allen wrench. awesome and you get all the leverage you need!
What a great idea! Thanks!
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Am I the only one that soaks his head in bleach 10 minutes a night?
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Originally Posted by Anaxilus View Post
Am I the only one that soaks his head in bleach 10 minutes a night?
ive found that lye works better for my ears or a good strong H2SO4 mixture, always seems to get the hardest to remove portions of ear wax out
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Cutips/cottonbus with a little Audiclean (basically eucalypt oil), or a hanky wrapped around my car-key if I'm out and about >_>
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+1 for çonvience

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I used this:


It hurt a bit at first, but it really brought out the mid-range details in my HD-600, you should try it!

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Alcohool all the way

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Originally Posted by syn_fx View Post

Screwdriver most of the time, sometimes a thin bladed knife, and occasionally keys when i'm out and about.


I use chopsticks, they seem to work best. Especially the Stainless Steel kind.

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